You must question fluoridation


Wilmington recently passed a non-binding resolution to introduce fluoride into city water. When I attended the last council meeting I heard the discussion on fluoridation and decided to try to decide for myself the correct approach based on available data on the intent. My conclusion is that no one is qualified to vote on this, especially council, unless they spend at least 20 hours reading the data and thinking about the following:

In Ohio law you cannot back out of fluoridation once you sign up. Is that smart (after you read the following)? What specific problem are we trying to cure? In the past a reduction of 60 percent in tooth cavities was quoted (now 20 percent). What do you expect to accomplish in Wilmington? In the 1960s when the Ohio law was written there was some control of the fluoride intake (so much water par day times the amount of fluoride per volume). With the use of bottled water, fluoride toothpaste, individual mouth rinses, etc., there is no control of fluoride amounts. It could be much lower or higher.

Why have only 12 states mandated fluoridation (almost all many years ago)? Why have almost all European companies rejected fluoridation in many of the performances of their children are better than ours and their cavities levels have also dropped consistently with ours? What is the perfect level for fluoridation? There are many India and China studies that say that fluoride levels affect IQ levels at 2mg/l or less. The state of Indiana says that 8mg/l doesn’t hurt you. The CDC lowered the level (now 0.7mg/l is the recommended level) but they don’t recommend the use of fluoride water in baby formula.

Does the water department have a moral need to provide alternate provisions for no-fluoride water to families with infants? They have a monopoly sort of contract to provide potable water for the family. Should they provide some non-fluoride water for the same price or equipment to remove the fluoride? Do they need to add a warning to the water bills that the water contains fluoride and should not be used for infants? What is the compound source of the fluoride? A Cheyenne, Wyoming operator says the biggest problem is that it is not manufactured in the US and he buys his from China (who doesn’t allow it in their own water).

Tom Brausch Sr.


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