The Robert E. Lucas Memorial Fund is calling for grant applications from Clinton County nonprofit organizations that serve children and youth. The application deadline is Jan. 31 and can be found on the Clinton County Foundation website or on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

“The Lucas advisory committee is searching for programs and projects that will collaborate and address our toughest concerns for Clinton County children and adolescents,” said Jan Blohm, Clinton County Foundation director.

“There will be a substantial emphasis placed on expanded programs, new ideas, fresh programs,” said Blohm. “Those who have been awarded grants in the past from Lucas Fund are invited to apply, but these programs must demonstrate some new components, either in the way they will operate, the population they will serve or the programs are improved.”

The Lucas Memorial Fund is one of many that are part of the Clinton County Foundation.

Dr. Robert Lucas was an educator, business leader and community organizer. He served as superintendent of Princeton City Schools and as president of Wilmington College. He created the Clinton County Leadership Institute, directed Downtown Wilmington and the Chamber of Commerce, and he served as president of the Ohio PTA and as a supervisor for the Ohio Department of Education.

“He was an amazing person and did so much for our community,” said Blohm. “He had a vision, drive and enthusiasm that not many have. If it weren’t for Bob Lucas, the Clinton County Foundation would not have been established.”

Donors may make gifts or bequests to the Lucas Memorial Fund or other Clinton County Funds by contacting the Clinton County Foundation at 937-566-1634.

“It is great when others are inspired to give to causes that truly matter here in Clinton County. That’s what a community foundation does,” said Blohm.

Grant seekers are encouraged to check out the Lucas Memorial Fund brochure and application for criteria and restrictions.

STEM camp was one of the activities funded with this year’s Lucas Fund monies. camp was one of the activities funded with this year’s Lucas Fund monies. Courtesy photo

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