BLANCHESTER — A concerned citizen contacted police Wednesday night after encountering a lost elderly woman at the United Dairy Farmers store at 211 W. Main Street, Blanchester. The woman was driving her car and said she had become lost and was trying to get back to her home in Miamisburg; the man brought the woman to the police station, according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“The night supervisor, Sgt. Gary Mowen, contacted the woman’s daughter, Lora Adam,” Reinbolt said. “Lora said her mother, June Adam, age 89, had disappeared from her home at around 3 p.m and Lora had reported her as a missing person to Miamisburg Police. Sgt. Mowen asked Lora to come to Blanchester to pick her mother up, and contacted the Miamisburg Police to let them know she had been found.”

Sgt. Mowen was the only officer on duty in the village at the time; he contacted the Exchange, an outreach ministry operated by the Blanchester Church of the Nazarene, and asked if someone from the ministry could come to the police station to sit with June until her daughter arrived, making him free to answer radio calls in the meantime, Reinbolt said.

Associate Pastor Angela France came to the police station and provided company to June until her daughter arrived to pick her up.

“We are grateful to the concerned citizen who found June at UDF for taking the time to speak to her, learn her problem and make sure she was safe,” Reinbolt said. “We are extremely grateful to Pastor France and the staff at the Exchange for providing kindness and companionship to June while she awaited her daughter’s arrival in Blanchester, which avoided tying up a police officer to do so.”

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