Sign Bridge Act for Dreamers


President Trump’s remarks on deporting undocumented immigrants, and the recent arrest of a Dreamer in Seattle, are a threat to the economy of our nation. Dreamers are approximately 750,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought into the US as children and live, work, and pursue education here. They were given legal protection under former President Obama’s DACA plan, and Dreamers are an integrated part of our society and an asset to our economy. According to, deporting dreamers could cost Ohio’s GDP $235,239,269 per year!

Dreamers deserve respect and compassion, just like all who live in the United States — citizens and noncitizens. I urge US Rep. Steve Stivers to cosponsor the Bridge Act. This act would provide legislative protection to dreamers by allowing them to apply for a 3 year deferment of deportation and continued work authorization. This would protect Dreamers against any executive order Trump may try to sign. The time has never been better to protect those who live and work peacefully in our communities.

Emma Marks


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