MT. ORAB – Simon Heys capped his first SBAAC American Division Cross Country Championship race with a dominant performance Saturday at Western Brown High School.

The Wilmington High School junior hit the line first among SBAAC boys, finishing the 3.1-mile race in 16:58.3. He seized the lead early and never let go.

As a team, WHS was fourth overall. Clinton-Massie was sixth. New Richmond edged Western Brown for the boys title.

Jacob Whitaker was the top runner for the Falcons, placing seventh in 17:57.8. Tyler Parks was third for Wilmington in 17:19.35.

On the girls side, Katie Hughes of Clinton-Massie was the first county runner, placing eighth in 22:11.84. Emma Muterspaw was ninth and AJ Houseman 11th as the Lady Falcons had a strong showing but did not have enough for a full team.

For Wilmington, Tristan Vailey was 16th in 23:08.33. The Lady Hurricane had a complete team and finished fifth. Western Brown won the girls race.


Oct 14 2017

SBAAC American Division

Cross Country Championship

Boys team scores

New Richmond 52 Western Brown 56 Batavia 64 Wilmington 85 Goshen 123 Clinton-Massie 149

Boys individuals (74 runners)

Simon Heys (W) 1st in 16:58.3; Tyler Parks (W) 3rd in 17:19.35; Jacob Whitaker (CM) 7th in 17:57.8; Calvin Walls (W) 24th in 19:14.79; Logan Fisher (CM) 26th in 19:20.76; Ricky Dungan (W) 27th in 19:22.06; Cameron Combs (W) 31st in 19:41.58 PR; Pedro Escobedo (W) 35th in 19:48.96; Drew Spendlove (W) 39th in 20:33.32; Ian Holmes (W) 43rd in 20:42.59; Colin McDowell (CM) 45th in 20:57.06; Talent Sagraves (CM) 48th in 21:10.15; Aiden Hester (W) 49th in 21:19.33; Jackson Tofte (W) 50th in 21:21.91; Brennen Swope (CM) 51st in 21:22.45; Seth Goodall (CM) 52nd in 21:27.33; Garrett Regan (W) 55th in 21:33.18 PR; Cody Cravens (W) 60th in 22:34.01; Izaia Billingsley (W) 63rd in 22:45.83; Jeff Burton (W) 66th in 23:18.97; Kaleb Hughes (CM) 67th in 23:33.7; Alex Shelton (CM) 69th in 24:24.19

Girls team scores

Western Brown 40 New Richmond 52 Batavia 58 Goshen 91 Wilmington 115

Girls individuals (49 runners)

Jenna Burns (NR) 1st in 19:46.19; Katie Hughes (CM) 8th in 22:11.84; Emma Muterspaw (CM) 9th in 22:14.06; AJ Houseman (CM) 11th in 22:22.73; Tristan Vail (W) 16th in 23:08.33; Lilly Lentine (CM) 17th in 23:15.17; Sarah Wright (W) 28th in 24:26.95 SB; Jordan Snarr (W) 30th in 24:48.96; Heather Fryman (W) 32nd in 25:04.48; Kaylie Taylor (W) 36th in 25:49.84; Kerrigan Tofte (W) 44th in 28:41.84

Simon Heys (left) won the American Division race while Jackson Coates (right) of Bethel-Tate on won the National Division race. Heys (left) won the American Division race while Jackson Coates (right) of Bethel-Tate on won the National Division race.

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