WILMINGTON — A hundred and seventy-seven city employees are now certified in CPR thanks to a local fireman, according to Wilmington Human Resource Director Jeanne Pope.

During Thursday’s Wilmington City Council meeting, Wilmington fireman/paramedic Jack Coates was recognized by the City with a Certificate of Commendation for his dedicated efforts in training city employees in HeartSafe CPR. Mayor John Stanforth thanked Coates for his class after Pope convinced him to go.

“I already had CPR training back when I was in the Boy Scouts. [I thought] I did not need it again, I already knew it. Little did I realize how much it has changed,” said Stanforth.

According to Pope, Coates was able to present why CPR is important. According to her, survival rates after an accident are directly proportional to the number of members in the community who know CPR.

“To know and perform CPR in a matter of minutes can save a life. Now Jack does that every single day, but he is kind enough to impart some of his knowledge,” said Pope. “We are now better prepared to again serve the people who have entrusted this city to us.”

Julie Schanda of the Wilmington Income Tax Bureau added that after Coates’ class she felt more confident in her ability to help someone in distress.


By John Hamilton

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