Wilmington-based R+L Carriers employees to receive bonuses


WILMINGTON — Wilmington-based global transportation company R+L Carriers announced this week it would issue bonuses of up to $1,000 for all its employees, citing the economic benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“R+L Carriers is just the latest company we’ve seen invest in their employees as a result of tax reform,” U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers (R-15th District) said.

“For folks in Wilmington and across the country, these bonuses can be used for everyday needs, pay for a car repair, or be put in a savings account. This money can make a real difference for families, and I applaud R+L for their commitment to their employees,” the congressman added.

Family owned and operated, R+L Carriers began in 1965 with Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts Sr.’s purchase of a single truck. Today, the company serves all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many Caribbean islands with nearly 15,000 tractors and trailers, and more than 12,000 employees, stated a media release from the Office of Congressman Steve Stivers.

The media release added that as the company has grown, they have maintained their core principles of treating employees like family, and are always looking for new ways to show our employees how important they are.

There are now more than 3.5 million workers who have received a bonus, raise, or increase in 401(k) as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. To view a list of employers that have re-invested in their employees, visit https://atr.org/list .



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