Clinton County June marriage licenses


WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in June:

• Trenton Jeffrey Kier, 22, a material specialist, and Andrea Desiree Roosa, 21, a behavioral aide, both of New Vienna.

• Gary Kenneth Carpenter, 57, a mechanic, and Edie Sharon Haney, 54, a specialist, both of Clarksville.

• Caleb Wesley Donaldson, 24, who works at R+L Carriers, and Kara Rose Walters, 20, who works at R+L Carriers, both of New Vienna.

• Austin Clark Hollingsworth, 24, a mechanic, of Clarksville, and Katelyn Marie Tolley, 25, who works in sales, of Ripley.

• Tyler James McKinney, 20, a janitor, and Ashley Marie Morgan, 19, a document agent, both of Wilmington.

• Marissa Jo Hammer, 21, a bank teller, and Brody Daniel Bishop, 21, a cable installer, both of Blanchester.

• Brittany Michelle Foreman, 28, a registered nurse, of Midland, and Aaron Michael Bullock, who is self-employed, of Clarksville.

• Jordan Lee Wilson, 27, a mechanic, and Amandalynn Ruth Helton, 30, S.T.N.A., both of Midland.

• Luke Channing Smart, 31, a digital analyst, and Jessica Lynn Shepherd, 30, a dispatcher, both of Wilmington.

• Matthew Tyler Casey, 30, an operator, and Madeline Sierra, 44, an operator, both of Wilmington.

• Jessica May Taylor, 22, a warehouse worker, and Jacob Calloway Wilson, 23, a warehouse worker, both of Wilmington.

• Chansellor David Ralph Stroud, 30, who is self-employed, and Lauren Aleice Taggert, 28, a registered nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Jeremy Lane Gay, 27, a mechanic, and Angela Dora-Marie Sizemore, 27, a cosmetologist, both of Blanchester.

• Yusuf Mashavu Ruffin, 43, who works in manufacturing, and Jocelyn Alferez, 40, an assembly worker, both of Wilmington.

• Rusty D. Stanforth, 34, a contractor, and Ciara Lynn Beatty, 24, a babysitter, both of Wilmington.

• Mark Nicholas Smith, 35, who works in industrial hygiene, and Rebecca Christine Coyle, 35, a veterinarian, both of Wilmington.

• Patrick Kelly Rankin, 50, a carpenter, and Caitlin Jincy Beekman, 23, an S.T.N.A., both of New Vienna.

• Cameron Wade McCoy, 26, a safety and operations manager, of Wilmington, and Jennifer Nicole Pilecki, 26, who works in emergency management, of Longbeach, California.

• Richard Douglas Layman, 51, a chemical operator, and Victoria Ann Morrison, 36, a seafood manager, both of Wilmington.

• Denny Leon Reed, 45, a bike builder, and Lesley Leeann Davis, 41, a teacher, both of Lynchburg.

• Jared Kenneth Lee Royer, 40, an auto mechanic, and Sandra Laine Flint, 35, a cook, both of Wilmington.

• Gregory Hendrickson, 59, who is self-employed, and Paula Michelle Treisch, 51, a teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Kenneth David Cornelius, 31, an exterminator, and Alanna Marque Steinbarger, 26, a registered nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Jerry Jacky Wallace, 43, who works in construction, and Jessica Lynn Greser, 36, a registered

nurse, both of Clarksville.

• Triston Milian McCoy Bowen, 22, a surveyor, of Wilmington, and Elizabeth Grace Doherty, 22, unemployed, of Blanchester.

• Tyler James Cramton, 25, a subcontractor, and Brittany Danielle Snodgress, 23, a homemaker, both of Sabina.

• Matthew Scott Walker, 36, who works in collections, and Iva Anne Hendricks, 38, a teacher, both of Jamestown.

• Ryan Thomas Vincent, 20, an engineer tech, of Bellbrook, and Kathryn Rose Lawrence, 22, a teacher, of Wilmington.

• Thomas Arthur Grimes Sr., 26, an assembler, and Destiny Leah Henderson, 24, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Charles Justin Shank, 28, a project manager, and Elizabeth Ann Trebe, 24, a student, both of Wilmington.

• Steven Ronald Glazewski, 56, a course director, and Linda Catherine Von Hoene, 51, a teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Jarrod Allen Ward, 27, a machine operator, and Dorothy Avonne Byous, 25, a machine operator, both of Blanchester.

• Brandon Lynn Crawford, 28, a manufacturing associate, and Jacqueline Terese Barnes, 26, a manager, both of Wilmington.

• Gabriel Hinkle Polston, 34, who works in sales, and Jaime Kathryn Hibbs, 39, a teacher, both of Blanchester.

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