COLUMBUS (AP) — Twenty-nine more plaintiffs have joined one of the two lawsuits filed against Ohio State University by alumni who say they were victims of sexual misconduct by a team doctor during the two decades he worked there.

Counting the allegations added Tuesday, the lawsuits allege more than 20 school officials and employees, including athletic directors, knew concerns about Dr. Richard Strauss but didn’t stop him.

The university has sought to dismiss the lawsuits as being time-barred by law but insists it’s looking for the truth, not ignoring the men’s stories.

Strauss killed himself in 2005. His relatives say they’re shocked by the allegations raised this year that prompted the school to have an outside law firm investigate.

More than 150 ex-students have alleged sexual misconduct by Strauss between 1979 and 1997.

By Kantele Franko

Associated Press