The Democrats are ready to go about the people’s business — the joke of the century! Here is the DC Elite Democrat’s Agenda: Indictments; Impeachment; Subpoenas; Hearings; Investigations; Oversight; you name it! The House Democrats, it has been stated in the media are preparing a ‘subpoena cannon’ for Trump related probes. But one just might think that the People are somewhat more interested at least in some of the following: The Economy; Jobs; Border Security; Personal Safety; Foreign Relations; Health Care; Immigration Reform; Protecting Law Enforcement individuals; Defeating ISIS; Strengthening our Military Capabilities … to name a few. You know “the people’s business.” But it clearly seems that the Democrats have yet to get over President Trump’s election in 2016 and will use any method possible to remove him from office. In fact, Maxine Waters US Representative from California’s 43d Congressional District, alleged to be the leader of the House Financial Services Committee in the new Congress, was calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump even “before the inauguration”!

The Democrats can not stand to be “out of power” in DC. And from all appearances, the “Blue Wave” did not seem to take place. The GOP gained seats in the Senate and the GOP losses in the House were held to some 30 some, much less that the losses suffered by President Clinton and Obama in their respective midterms. It has been rumored that the Democrats have a list of some 100 investigations they plan to pursue in the new Congress. Does this represent the “People’s Business” or the DC Elite Democrat’s personal agenda? I think the answer is obvious.

In a recent article in Business Week (a slightly biased publication) by Joshua Green indicates the Democrats New Power Tools are: Subpoenas, Oversight, Hearings, Regulation and possible Impeachment. Does this sound like addressing the people’s business or more like revenge? The Democrats have often referred to our POTUS as “illegal” (with a lot of nasty names behind it) but clearly this was not the case. Our POTUS was duly elected by the people and the electoral college. They have even referred to this administration as an “Watergate Parallel”. Shameful. Just maybe the DC Democrat Leadership should start focusing on issues and needs of the people vs. their own personal needs. I would seem that the Democrats have “clearly forgotten” the many accomplishments that this POTUS has achieved based on Promises Made to the people.

George R. Cook