Home News President Trump to rally in Cincinnati on Aug. 1

President Trump to rally in Cincinnati on Aug. 1


CINCINNATI (AP) — Republican President Donald Trump will lead an Aug. 1 rally in Cincinnati, the day after the second round of Democratic presidential debates ends.

A campaign announcement Monday said Vice President Mike Pence will join the evening rally at U.S. Bank Arena. Trump also led a rally at the downtown arena in the aftermath of his November 2016 election victory, in which he decisively carried the battleground state of Ohio over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Monday’s announcement said this will be his fourth rally in Cincinnati and 29th in Ohio since he launched his campaign for president in 2015.

Trump made campaign visits to Ohio ahead of 2018 mid-term elections to shore up Republican congressional candidates. The GOP kept its 12-4 advantage in the state’s House delegation, helped by a GOP-friendly map .