WILMINGTON — Described as a “spiritual opus” and a “deeply intimate and personal confession,” James Newby’s new book will be the topic of discussion at this fall’s second program in Wilmington College’s Campus Ministry Quaker Lecture Series.

Newby, a pastor with Cincinnati Friends Meeting, will speak about the newly published “Reflections from the Inner Light: A Journal of Quaker Spirituality” Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in T. Canby Jones Meetinghouse, located in Boyd Cultural Arts Center.

The book, Newby’s 11th, delves into his spiritual journey and the ways he has sought to navigate his voyage in an increasingly complex world — and understand his purpose in it.

Newby seeks to discern the primary ways in which he has grown spiritually, which are segmented into such areas as turning inward, community and relationship, pain and growth, path of a seeker and affirmations.

Readers are finding Newby’s passages range from the humorous to ones provoking tears, questions and spiritual challenges — an encompassment of all the feelings and emotions that come to pass in life.

In the words of Newby’s late friend, Malcolm Muggeridge, “Every happening great and small is a parable whereby God speaks to us — and the art of life is to get the message.”

These reflections are Newby’s attempt to “get the message.”

Fellow Quaker pastor/author Philip Gulley’s review of Reflections from the Inner Light includes: “Those of us who’ve known and read Jim Newby for years suspected he had yet to write his spiritual opus. Now he has. Reflections from the Inner Light is a literary song, one beautiful verse after another.”

Presbyterian minister Matt Meinke said Newby’s book comprises much more than a mere journal.

“Jim offers the community a deeply intimate and personal confession, and a life’s worth of reflections of a Quaker minister,” Menke said. “He courageously walks us through intersections

of life where darkness meets light, faith intersects doubt and where pain and despair connect to hope.

“He points the way to a more passion-filled life, where the radiance of God’s light can break forth for our journey too.”


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