WPD officers work to de-escalate dangerous situation Friday


WILMINGTON — Multiple police officers were needed to de-escalate a dangerous situation Friday night, according to Wilmington police reports.

At 11:28 p.m., police were advised that a woman had a knife to her throat and they requested a life squad to be staged in the area near a business on West Locust Street.

Police report they arrived and recognized a 29-year-old woman on the scene who was standing on top of a truck cab holding a knife to her throat. According to the report:

The officer began speaking with the female and immediately made rapport. She advised the officer had previously “saved her life” and requested to speak with them for negotiations. “I observed (the female subject)’s emotions were extremely high and she appeared agitated,” the officer observed. Authorities began calmly speaking with her in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. The officer requested the female to put the knife down; she requested the officer come onto the truck to give her a hug. Another officer had his Taser un-holstered and a third officer had his duty weapon at a low ready.

The first officer began slowly approaching the female requesting she put the knife down. She continued yelling, stating, “I am not meth’d out, am I delusional, state your facts.” According to the report, she continued escalating the situation, stating her Facebook and name has been slandered and she begged the officer to come onto the truck. “I continued calmly speaking with (the female) requesting she put the knife down,” the report states. The female’s demeanor changed and she began to de-escalate. She then threw the knife towards an officer and agreed to come off of the truck.

The officer assisted the female off the truck as she requested a hug. “I did not see any weapons in her hands but for officer safety purposes immediately grabbed both of her hands as she faced me,” the report states. “I assisted her in climbing off the truck and advised her I was going to pat her down for weapons. She was speaking erratically and her demeanor was unpredictable.” The female began to take her pants off — she had shorts underneath, the report notes — and agreed to permit the officer to conduct a pat-down for weapons. The female began “lifting her shirt and clothes to exhibit she did not possess any other weapons,” according to the report.

The female continued displaying “a varying and impulsive behavior” and stated, “lights out of my face.” The report notes the female appeared to be under the influence of “a narcotic or possibly multiple narcotics.” The officer requested the other officer lower his flashlight in order to have the female comply with his requests. The officer explained to her that she was going to be placed in handcuffs for safety purposes. She reluctantly complied.

According to the report, the female’s speech was “rapid and incoherent and her sentences were entirely arbitrary.” Officers awaited the life squad to respond and continued speaking with the female. “She was clearly an emotionally distributed person and the effects of the narcotics she consumed made the situation high-risk for she was unpredictable in her movements and state of mind,” the report states. Officers attempted to talk to her and convince her to stand on her feet to go into the life squad but she protested, according to the report. Officers then lifted her and placed her on the cot.

She was then transported to Clinton Memorial Hospital. She continued her erratic behavior at the hospital. Officers stood by at CMH while staff tried multiple times to sedate the female and continued attempting to de-escalate her while assisting nurses with securing her to the bed with restraints. Once she was sedated, officers cleared the scene.


By John Hamilton

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