While chatting with a friend last week, he mentioned that one of his tenants said she thought the entire hullabaloo about the virus is a way for the powerful to control people.

First, the virus is worldwide. Second, it’s quite possible she voted for those in power such as the president and governor. Third, I doubt that doctors and nurses wrap themselves in their Personal Protective Equipment for hours on end, for the fun of it. Fourth, Covid-19 victims are not permitted visitors, so nearly all those who have died from the virus have died alone surrounded by hospital staff wrapped in PPE’s, making them unrecognizable.

Many people survive the virus, but more have died in a few months from it than died in the Vietnam War. Some people are mildly affected while others die from it. Who is willing to take that chance? How many of those who think the virus is a hoax is willing to refuse medical care should they contact the virus? Personally, I prefer to wear a mask and be six feet apart, than six feet under.

Don Spurling