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Clinton County March, April and May marriage licenses


WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in March, April and May:

• Kyle Robin McLaughlin, 29, a UPS driver, of Hillsboro, and Autumn Rose Allen, 22, who works in marketing with the Wilmington News Journal, of Martinsville.

• Derick Allen Dinn, 34, a driver, and Maleah Lynn Gibson, 24, a student, both of Martinsville.

• Nicholas Austin Griffith, 22, who works in food service, and Katie Nicole Schoonover, 22, a stay-at-home mom, both of Wilmington.

• Leonard Joseph Frey Jr., 43, unemployed, and Rebecka Lea Hedges, 45, unemployed, both of New Vienna.

• Loren Page Keely, 34, retired, and Jessica Morgan Emerson, 27, a ranch hand, both of Wilmington.

• Matthew Curtis Hedges, 47, a property manager, and Krista Renae Foust, 35, an accounting assistant, both of Wilmington.

• Kyle William Werner, 40, a material handler, of Clarksville, and Sarah Ann Hale, 26, an operator, of Blanchester.

• Sherman Douglas Smith, 67, a farmer, and Pamela Sue Stewart, 56, a bank supervisor, both of Wilmington.

• Antonio Franco, 49, who works in construction, and Xochitl Alonso, 43, a stay-at-home mom, both of Wilmington.

• Jonathan William Fife, 44, a supervisor, and Heather Marie Redmond, 38, a homemaker, both of Wilmington.

• Logan Michael Eaton, 26, a document agent, and Annabelle Marie Martin, 24, a title clerk, both of Wilmington.

• Travis Livingston Cole, 28, of the U.S. Air Force, and Katelyn Mariah Barker, 26, a teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Jan Lance Griffith Jr., 42, a truck driver, and Christine Diane Lancen, 48, a cashier, both of Martinsville.

• Lance Tyler Huffman, 26, an emergency medical technician, and Diana Katherine Allen, 34, a paramedic, both of Wilmington.

• Fredrick Estel Conger, 40, a mechanic, and Kellie Dawn Lewis, 41, a nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Collin Lee Fogle, 26, a restaurant manager, and Tiffany Anne Mick, 24, a server, both of Wilmington.

• Amber Marie Hamm, 39, who works in support staff, and Matthew Brandon Lewis, 40, a line tech, both of Blanchester.

• Richard Jacob Roush, 40, an executive, and Georgeta Predoiu, 36, a nurse, both of Blanchester.

• Michael Glenn Lewis, 49, a laborer, and Jessica Lee Makalapua Cole, 37, a manager, both of Blanchester.

• Richard Jay Camp, 36, an engineer, and Sequoya Rein Laufer, 28, a legal assistant, both of Sabina.

• Christopher Duane Chenoweth, 56, who is self-employed, and Kathleen Anne Isbel, 54, an analyst, both of Wilmington.

• Travis Joseph Newbry, 25, a driver, and Ashley Nicole Bernard, 21, a teacher, both of New Vienna.

• Jarrett Lane Smith, 20, unemployed, and Taylor Breanne Bohl, 23, a manager, both of Sabina.

• Christopher Gene Lindsey, 36, a plant manager, and Tiffany Roberta Lindsey, 32, a gate keeper, both of Wilmington.

• Damian Neil Tomlinson, 26, a factory worker, of New Vienna, and Dana Michelle Howard, 25, a caseworker, of Sabina.

• Albert William Adkins, 35, a landscaper, and Amber Dawn Starr, 29, disabled, both of Sabina.

• Robert Franklin Murphy III, 35, a first officer, and Kim Lorraine Opthof, 59, a flight attendant, both of Martinsville.

• William Noah Foster, 26, a police officer, of New Vienna, and Mary Elizabeth Drusilla Moyer, 25, a student, of Martinsville.

• Daniel Dee Liming Jr., 25, a painter, and Rebeccah Ella Elizabeth Vestal, 27, a head teller, both of Clarksville.

• Luke Edward Rose, 22, who works in construction, of Martinsville, and Brittany Lee Fry, 19, who works in construction, of Wilmington.

• Chad Micheal Florea, 29, a farm manager, of Martinsville, and Regan Elizabeth Inlow, 22, who works in child care, of Sardinia.

• Braden Matthew Miller, 24, who works as a customer service associate, of Craigsville, West Virginia, and Alexis Ann Armacost, 21, a cashier, of Blanchester.

• Shane William Maxfield, 22, a swine specialist, of Wilmington, and Serenity Paige Batterson, 20, a billing specialist, of Fayetteville.

• Craig Daniel Barber, 34, a laborer, of Wilmington, and Krystal Leigh Kidnocker, 31, who serves in the military, of Homestead, Florida.

• Caleb Joseph Faulkner, 20, a utility locator, of Blanchester, and Dakota Diann Demitt, 20, unemployed, of Midland.

• Ian Alexander Massie, 19, who works in manufacturing, of Leesburg, and Cassidy Kathleen Ruffner, 18, who works in environmental services, of Wilmington.

• Jacob Alan Kunka, 28, a state employee, and Darcie Inell Mayberry, 27, a police officer, both of Wilmington.

• Christopher Marlin Hurst, 24, unemployed, and Christy Anne Davis, 24, who works in child care, both of New Vienna.

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