Burns, Pham win titles, WHS 3rd in Coaches Classic


The Wilmington High School girls tennis team finished third Saturday in Flight F of the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Coaches Association Coaches Classic tournament on the WHS courts.

Claire Burns at first singles and Emilee Pham at second singles were bracket champions for the Lady Hurricane.

Kings defeated Sycamore B by a tiebreaker with 16 points each. Wilmington was third with 14 points. Fairfield was fourth in the flight.

Burns posted wins over Teredesai of Sycamore 8-4, Victor of Kings 8-2 and Nichols of Fairfield 8-2.

Pham had wins over Vaiyda of Sycamore 9-7, Astacio of Kings 8-4 and Mazuk of Fairfield 8-5.


Sept. 26, 2020

@Wilmington High School

GCTCA Coaches Classic Flight F

Sycamore B 3 Wilmington 2


1:Burns (W) d. Teredesai 8-4

2: Schninelli (S) d. Taylor 8-4

3: Pham (W) d. Vaiyda 9-7


1: Temple/Anoop (S) d. Lewis/Sharma 8-2

2: Gambeehra/Parikh (S) d. Conger/Zeigler 8-1

Kings 3 Wilmington 2


1: Burns (W) d. Victor 8-2

2: Gause (K) d. Taylor 9-7

3: Pham (W) d. Astacio 8-4


1: Ridenour/Hoin (K) d. Lewis/Sharma 8-1

2: Hardman/Moore (K) d. Conger/Zeigler 8-1

Wilmington 3 Fairfield 2


1: Burns (W) d. Nichols 8-2

2: Taylor (W) d. Lane 9-7

3: Pham (W) d. Mazuk 8-5


1: Sasser 12/Johnson (F) d. Lewis 12/Sharma 8-0

2: Probert 12/Whittle (F) d. Conger 12/Zeigler 8-4


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