WILMINGTON — The 2021 city budget was the reason for a special Wilmington City Council meeting on Thursday held via Zoom.

Council performed the first reading for the upcoming city budget after discussing various parts of it, including the streets department.

Streets Superintendent Jerry Runk presented a “very conservative” budget, according to City Administrator Marian Miller.

“I think it’s one of the first and only times I have ever asked a superintendent to spend a little bit more money,” said Miller, referencing an increase in the capital equipment section.

Miller told council that Runk has “one of the oldest fleets, if not the oldest feet” and they’ve tried to conservatively replace the Street Department trucks.

“He as to have them to plow snow. He has to have them to drag the paint machine and the patcher,” said Miller. “One of the things that I asked him to add was to another replacement to one of his trucks.”

Miller indicated a part of the budget would be for an aerial lift truck which needs to be replaced.

”It’s an invaluable piece of equipment for street light repairs, street sign replacement as well as things that improve our quality of life like banners, holiday lights, and all those things that are important to the community,” she said.

She told council she thinks it’s a good clean budget and she didn’t cut anything presented to them.

The final two readings are scheduled for the next regular council meeting on Thursday, Dec.17.

Also during council:

• City Auditor Mary Kay Vance announced this coming year’s payment for the city building will be its last.

“After 25 years, we’ve paid the city building off,” said Vance. Miller added, “We’re really excited because it actually belongs to the citizens now.”

Councilmember Nick Eveland, who was mayor when the building opened, was happy to see it paid off.

Councilmember Bill Liermann served on council when it first opened and expressed similar feelings toward the final payment.

Wilmington City Council and city officials discuss the 2021 budget at a virtual special virtual meeting Thursday.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2020/12/web1_Screenshot-107-.jpgWilmington City Council and city officials discuss the 2021 budget at a virtual special virtual meeting Thursday. John Hamilton | News Journal

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