WILMINGTON — Wilmington outlasted Clinton-Massie 42-34 Saturday in the season-opening Hurricane Field Relays at Alumni Field.

With no running events on the docket, the teams competed in discus, shot put, pole vault, high jump and long jump.

Wilmington won the long jump and shot put while Clinton-Massie won the discus.

The final team standings had WHS with 42 points, CM with 34, Miami Trace with 30 and Bellbrook with 28. East Clinton also competed and finished fourth.

The top performers for the Astros were Zach Vest and Jayson Edison who were both part of the scoring shot put and discus groupings.

Hurricane thrower Brett Brooks had a personal best in the shot put (47-4.5) and matched a PR in the discus (138-0), first-year coach Chris Reynolds said. Brooks, Remington Smith and Devin Cordell won the shot put while Carter Huffman, Adrien Cody and Zainne Cowin won the long jump.

The Massie trio of Collin Swope, Ethan Hagerman and Daelin Maple won the discus.

“We are really young and inexperienced, so I was proud of the results,” said CM coach Scott Rolf. “I think our kids are excited and enjoying track so far. It was a good start. The three seniors we had at the meet did step up and lead (Michael Moritz, Carter Woolverton and Ethan Hagerman). Even though the senior group is small, it is a good group and they are meshing with the underclassmen well. I am so appreciative of Wilmington hosting this meet. The Field Relay format was a great idea and we had amazing weather.”

In addition to Brooks, Reynolds noted the performances of Carter Huffman (21-0) in the long jump), Brady Vilvens (6-0 in high jump) and Brice Camp (9-0) in pole vault).


March 27, 2021

@Alumni Field, WHS

TEAMS: Wilmington 42 Clinton-Massie 34 Miami Trace 30 Bellbrook 28 East Clinton 7 Xenia 5

DISCUS: Clinton-Massie (Collin Swope, Ethan Hagerman, Michael Moritz) 246-3; Wilmington (Brett Brooks, Remington Smith, Brady Sturgill) 224-0; Miami Trace 207-9; Bellbrook 156-11; East Clinton (Jayson Edison, Spencer Wiget, Zach Vest) 150-0. DNP-Clinton-Massie B (Elijah Groh, Ben Smith, Brandon Moritz) 154-3

SHOT PUT: Wilmington (Brett Brooks, Remington Smith, Devin Cordell) 86-0.5; Clinton-Massie (Ethan Hagerman, Daelin Maple, Collin Swope) 82-7.75; Miami Trace 78-1; Xenia 73-10.5; Bellbrook 64-0.5; East Clinton (Zach Vest, Jayson Edison) 58-8.5. DNP-Clinton-Massie B (Elijah Groh, Ryan McDonald, Ethan Williams) 61-6.75

POLE VAULT: Bellbrook 20-6; Clinton-Massie (Braden Rolf, Carter Woolverton) 20-0; Wilmington (Brice Camp, Thad Stuckey) 17-6

HIGH JUMP: Miami Trace 11-6; Wilmington (Brady Vilvens, Brandon Glass, Elijah Collins) 11-4; Bellbrook 11-0; Clinton-Massie (Carson Meyers, Jude Leahy, Connor Stulz) 10-2

LONG JUMP: Wilmington (Carter Huffman, Adrien Cody, Zainne Cowin) 40-0.5; Miami Trace 37-9; Bellbrook 35-4; Clinton-Massie (Connor Stulz, Jude Leahy, Carson Meyers) 34-11.5; East Clinton (Landon Runyon, Glenn Peacock, Van Frye) 34-8.5; Xenia 29-8.5. DNP-Clinton-Massie B (Marty Kreider, Nolan Sutton, Weston Carpenter) 31-11.

Photo by Elizabeth Clark
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/03/web1_TF_wilmHJ10327ec-1.jpgPhoto by Elizabeth Clark

Photo by Elizabeth Clark
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/03/web1_TFB_cmPV10327ec-1.jpgPhoto by Elizabeth Clark

Photo by Elizabeth Clark
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/03/web1_TFB_ecLJ10327ec-1.jpgPhoto by Elizabeth Clark

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