Proud to say this is our home


Memorial Day 2021 found our small farming community in Middle America pausing to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms and way of life we hold dear. The sun rose over fields newly tilled and planted — a true tapestry that surrounds us each spring.

As we gathered on the little hill of our cemetery watching final preparations, we embraced one another and the moment, so thankful to be there after the year past.

Cub Scouts of Pack 155 and Boy Scouts of Troop 155 proudly placed the Memorial Wreath, presented the colors and raised our flag. The program planned and presented by Troop 155 included our Clinton-Massie Band, the National Anthem sung by a Hamilton County deputy sheriff, readings and prayers by the Scouts and CM band members, the Clarksville United Methodist Church, and the Clarksville Masonic Lodge.

As guest speaker Judge Michael K. Allen began, he looked up at us from his prepared notes and said, with a smile, “This is what America looks like!”

Yes, this is where we call home! There is a special new feeling in our little community over the past months! We are seeing a real pride — a look to the future and an investment of time and energy. Those fresh new faces and the old-timers were coming together to make a difference in our little corner of America!

We proudly stand for our flag and country and honor and hold dear those who fought and died for our USA!

The Case Family and the Riehle Family


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