Blanchester OKs annual funding toward village’s bicentennial


BLANCHESTER — Village officials approved contributing funds for the future bicentennial celebration.

At Thursday’s Blanchester Village Council meeting, officials decided to contribute $2,500 annually — at the end of each fiscal year — from the village’s general fund for the bicentennial celebration in 2032.

According to the resolution for the fund, the council “finds it an appropriate public purpose to provide recreational opportunities for its residents, provide economic stimulus to its business, and encourage a sense of community spirit among its residents by and through a celebration of the Village’s collective history.”

The council believes financially supporting Blanchester’s bicentennial was “also appropriate and in the general welfare and interest.”

Once the funds are appropriated, they cannot be removed or used for any other purpose except for emergency purposes when approved by the council.

Any funds not used in the bicentennial celebration in 2032 will be donated to the Blanchester Food Pantry or “other similarly situated charitable organizations,” according to the resolution.

Originally, a similar resolution was passed in September 2020 establishing the village would match a yearly $1,250 donation each year with the Board of Public Affairs. This was rescinded in May after Village Solicitor Katie Wilkin informed the council that the initial fund wasn’t approved by the state. They did not specify why, although she indicated the state had issues with the way funding was collected.

In the new resolution, the council would be the only entity allowed to contribute to itCouncilmember Reilly Hopkins believed they should have doubled the amount.

“I think we seriously need to consider doubling our contributions from $1,250 to an even $3,000 to make sure we have that same amount we originally intended in the previous resolution we put together,” said Hopkins, who voted to approve the $2,500 amount.

In total, the village would have $25,000 by 2032.

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