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Biden’s redefinition of infrastructure


According to Webster and other sources of definitions, infrastructure relates to the following: Buildings, roads, tunnels, railroads, power supplies, etc. … but the Biden Administration has conveniently redefined infrastructure to fit their Democrat political agenda to include some of the following: $561B for green housing, schools and power; $400B for elder and disability care; $200B for broadband and job training; and $621B for infrastructure transportation and “electric vehicles” — a whopping $2T proposed plan!

Who pays for it and how will it be paid?: $695B increase in corporate tax revenues; a $495B global income tax; a $217B increase in taxes by closing “loopholes” for intangible income … this sort of assumes that all corporations are evading taxes – undoubtedly not true!; $54B for the “elimination” of tax benefits for fossil fuels while the energy industry is already breathing hard. And of course, the Biden administration advises that the plan is “revenue-neutral” while it is most certainly not. For one thing, it includes almost absurd and optimistic estimates of totally new revenues. And furthermore, this revenue outlook is for 15 some years out, but the plan spending will likely occur over the next 7-8 years. Equally important, what does it do to the massive deficits already existing? Increase them, of course.

The Biden administration is not only “redefining” our history, culture and gender, but also Webster’s definition of infrastructure. My guess is that the administration’s objectives for this so-called infrastructure plan (by redefinition of infrastructure) will not come to fruition.

George R Cook