The Wilmington Garden Club met Monday at the First Christian Church. Eighteen members enjoyed Mickie Marquis’s “Growing Old in Your Garden.”

It was easy to relate to Mickie’s observation that “just about the time your garden is just the way you want it, you grow old!”

One of the highest maintenance gardens is a rose garden — not the “knockout” variety. Daylilies planted close to the house surrounded by bushes would be a medium maintenance garden, while gravel with pavers and grasses are low maintenance.

Agrability is a nonprofit organization that offers garden tools for not only arthritic hands, but also for those with physical disabilities. Radius and First Grip are some of the types of tools offered.

President Mary Thatcher opened the meeting. The club voted to have the plant sale at the Historical Society on May 7, 2022. The Club Flower Show will be June 29, 2022 at the same location. Both will be open to the public.

The club also voted to have the Christmas luncheon at Snow Hill Country Club.

The next meeting will be a “carry in” at 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 13 at the Cowan Lake Sailing Club. Those who are not comfortable with doing so, are advised to bring their own lunch.

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