2021 Varsity Fall Sports Schedules




Aug 9^At Eagles Nest^SBC Pre18^9a

Aug 19^At Buttermilk^SBAAC^4

Aug 23^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Elks 797^SBAAC^4

Sept 14^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a


Aug 9^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC Pre^9a

Aug 19^At Buttermilk^SBAAC^4

Aug 23^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Elks 797^SBAAC^4

Sept 2^Greeneview^TBA

Sept 14^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a

East Clinton

Aug 9^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC^9a

Aug 19^At Buttermilk^SBAAC^4

Aug 23^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Elks 797^SBAAC^4

Sept 14^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a


Aug 9^At Eagles Nest^SBC Pre18^9a

Aug 19^At Buttermilk^SBAAC^4

Aug 23^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Elks 797^SBAAC^4

Sept 14^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a



Aug 9^At Majestic^Massie^730a

Aug 11^At Eagles Nest^SBC Pre18^9a

Aug 17^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 24^At Snow Hill^SBAAC^4

Aug 26^At Elks^Batavia^4

Aug 31^At Elks^SBAAC^4

Sept 2^At Elks^Massie^4

Sept 7^At Elks^East Clinton^4

Sept 9^At Elks^Wilmington^4

Sept 15^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC^9a

Sept 20^At Snow Hill^EC^4

Sept 23^At Elks^Hillsboro^4


Aug 3^At Wilm Elks JV^9a

Aug 5^At Buckeye Hills Inv^9a

Aug 9^At Majestic^Blanchester^730a

Aug 11^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC Pre^9a

Aug 16^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 17^At Majestic^WashCH^330

Aug 24^At Majestic^Legacy^4

Aug 26^At Stillmeadow^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Majestic Springs^SBAAC^430

Sept 1^At Majestic^McClain^4

Sept 2^At Elks 797^Blanchester^4

Sept 8^At WashCH^Trace^4

Sept 9^At Snow Hill^E.Clinton^4

Sept 15^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a

Sept 23^At Majestic^Trace^330

East Clinton

Aug 4^H^Hillsboro scr^2

Aug 5^H^Little Miami^2

Aug 9^A^LM Inv at Belwood^9a

Aug 10^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC Pre^9a

Aug 17^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 24^At Snow Hill^SBAAC^4

Aug 25^H^Washington CH^4

Aug 31^At Elks 797^SBAAC^4

Sept 7^A^Blan at Elks 797^4

Sept 13^H^Fairfield^4

Sept 14^A^LM, WW^4

Sept 15^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a

Sept 20^H^Blanchester^4


Aug 9^H^Beavercreek^9a

Aug 11^Eagles Nest^SBC Pre18^9a

Aug 16^At Deer Track^SBAAC^4

Aug 18^A^Hillsboro^4

Aug 19^H (Elks)^Clermont NE^4

Aug 23^H (Elks)^Miami Trace^4

Aug 26^At Stillmeadow^SBAAC^4

Aug 30^At Majestic^SBAAC^430

Sept 2^A (SH)^East Clinton^4

Sept 9^H (SH)^Blanchester^4

Sept 13^H (Elks)^Xenia^4

Sept 15^At Eagles Nest^SBAAC 18^9a

Sept 16^A^Miami Trace^4

Sept 27^H (SH)^Little Miami^4

Oct 4^A (BW)^Little Miami^4



Aug 9^H^Taylor^10a

Aug 9^H^Batavia^2p

Aug 10^H^Colerain^4

Aug 16^A^Cin Country Day^4

Aug 17^A^Clermont NE^4

Aug 18^H^East Clinton^4

Aug 23^H^Little Miami^4

Aug 24^A^Bethel-Tate^4

(At BT Middle School)

Aug 25^H^Waynesville^4

Aug 26^A^Georgetown^4

Aug 30^H^Felicity^4

Aug 31^A^Western Brown^4

Sept 1^H^Edgewood^4

Sept 2^H^Georgetown^4

Sept 7^A^Felicity^4

Sept 8^H^Clermont NE^4

Sept 9^A^East Clinton^4

Sept 13^A^McNicholas^4

(At Lunken Playfield Tennis Center)

Sept 15^A^Madeira^4

(At Madeira Swim/Tennis Club)

Sept 16^H^Bethel-Tate^4

(Senior Night)

Sept 22^A^Middletown^4

Sept 23^TBA^Coaches Classic

Sept 25^TBA^Coaches Classic

Sept 27^At Wilm^SBAAC^9a


Aug 9^H^East Clinton^4

Aug 10^H^Wilmington^4

Aug 11^A^Norwood^TBD

Aug 16^A^Fenwick^TBD

Aug 17^A^New Richmond^TBD

Aug 19^A^Goshen^4

Aug 23^H^Norwood^430

Aug 25^A^Hillsboro^TBD

Aug 26^H^Batavia^4

Aug 30^A^East Clinton^TBD

Sept 2^H^Western Brown^430

Sept 8^A^Wilmington^TBD

Sept 13^H^Waynesville^430

Sept 14^H^New Richmond^430

Sept 16^H^Goshen^430

Sept 20^H^Hillsboro^430

Sept 21^A^Batavia^4

Sept 23^A^Western Brown^4

Sept 28^At WHS^SBAAC^9a

East Clinton

Aug 9^A^Clinton-Massie^4

Aug 12^H^Clermont NE^4

Aug 17^H^Georgetown^4

Aug 18^A^Blanchester^4

Aug 19^A^Felicity^4

Aug 26^A^Bethel-Tate^4

Aug 27^H^Washington CH^4

Aug 30^H^Clinton-Massie^4

Sept 1^A^Hillsboro^4

Sept 2^H^Valley View^4

Sept 7^A^Clermont NE^4

Sept 8^A^Georgetown^4

Sept 9^H^Blanchester^4

Sept 14^H^Felicity^4

Sept 21^H^Bethel-Tate^4

Sept 27^A^SBAAC at WHS^9a


Aug 10^A^Clinton-Massie^4

Aug 11^^H^Centerville^430

Aug 17^H^Western Brown^4

Aug 19^A^New Richmond^4

Aug 21^H^Doubles Invitational^9a

Aug 23^H^Mason^4

NOTE: Match part of state team tournament

Aug 25^H^Cham-Julienne^TBA

Aug 28^H^Hurricane Inv^9a

Aug 31^A^Bellbrook^4

Sept 2^H^Batavia^4

Sept 8^H^Clinton-Massie^4

Sept 9^A^Miamisburg^4

Sept 13^A^Beavercreek^4

Sept 14^A^Western Brown^4

Sept 16^H^New Richmond^4

Sept 20^A^Eaton^430

Sept 21^H^Goshen^4

Sept 23^A^Batavia^4

Sept 26^TBA^Gtr Cin Ten Classic^TBA

Sept 28^H^SBAAC^9a



Aug 23^Monroe Inv^5p

Aug 25^Felicity Inv^TBA

Sept 4^Hillsboro Inv^9a

Sept 7^West Brown Inv^5p

Sept 11^Georgetown Inv^10a

Sept 18^Bethel-Tate Inv^9a

Sept 21^Leesburg Inv^430p

Sept 27^Goshen Inv^TBA

Oct 5^Blanchester Inv^430p

Oct 9^New Richmond Inv^9a

Oct 16^SBAAC^At BHS^9a


Aug 28^Wilm Coll Inv^10a

Sept 7^Western Brown Inv

Sept 11^Little Miami Inv

Sept 18^Cedarville Inv

Sept 27^Goshen Inv

Oct 2^Centerville Under Lights

Oct 5^Blanchester Inv


Oct 19^Young’s Dairy MS^At YS

East Clinton

Aug 24^A^Lynchburg^430

Aug 28^A^Wilm Coll Classic^10a

Sept 4^A^Ohio Classic at Hills^10a

Sept 11^A^Corbin Inv at Fel^10a

Sept 18^A^Friendship at Ced^10a

Sept 25^A^Under Lights at Cent^TBD

Oct 2^A^Cross Creek at WCH^10a

Oct 9^A^Unioto Inv^10a

Oct 16^A^SBAAC Champ^TBD

Oct 19^A^Youngs Dairy^9a


Aug 23^Monroe Invitational

Aug 28^East Classic^VOA Park

Sept 4^Warrior Inv^Lebanon HS

Sept 11^Little Miami Inv

Sept 27^Goshen Inv^4

Oct 2^Cross Creek at Wash CH^10

Oct 5^Blanchester Invitational

Sept 16^SBAAC Championship^Blan HS



Aug 2^A^North Adams scr^6

Aug 5^H^Leesburg scr^7

Aug 7^H^Alumni scr^3

Aug 11^H^Lynchburg scr^5

Aug 13^A^Goshen^5

Aug 24^A^Georgetown^7

Aug 26^A^Felicity^7

Aug 28^H^Batavia^2

Aug 31^A^Clermont NE^7

Sept 2^A^Deer Park^7

Sept 7^A^Bethel-Tate^7

Sept 9^A^Wash CH^7

Sept 13^A^Clinton-Massie^6

Sept 14^A^Norwood^7

Sept 16^A^Williamsburg^7

Sept 21^H^Georgetown^5

Sept 23^H^Felicity^5

Sept 28^H^Clermont NE^5

Oct 7^H^Bethel-Tate^5

Oct 11^H^Fayetteville^5

Oct 14^H^Williamsburg^5


Aug 21^A^Leesburg^1

Aug 24^H^Wilmington^7

Aug 31^A^New Richmond^7

Sept 7^A^Goshen^7

Sept 13^H^Blanchester^6

Sept 14^H^Batavia^7

Sept 21^H^Western Brown^7

Sept 28^A^Wilmington^7

Oct 5^H^New Richmond^7

Oct 7^H^Goshen^7

Oct 9^A^Norwood^11a

Oct 11^H^Eastern Brown^7

Oct 12^A^Batavia^7

Oct 14^A^Western Brown^7


Aug 7^H^Alumni scr^7

Aug 14^H^Taylor scr^2

Aug 17^A^Cin Hills Christian^7

Aug 21^H^West Carrollton^9a

Aug 24^A^Clinton-Massie^7

Aug 25^H^Lynchburg^6

Aug 28^A^Hillsboro^1130a

Aug 31^H^Western Brown^6

Sept 7^A^New Richmond^7

Sept 9^H^Unioto^6

Sept 14^A^Goshen^7

Sept 18^A^Waynesville^4

Sept 21^H^Batavia^6

Sept 23^A^Xenia^715

Sept 28^H^Clinton-Massie^6

Oct 5^A^Western Brown^7

Oct 7^H^New Richmond^5

Oct 12^H^Goshen^6

Oct 14^A^Batavia^7



Aug 5^H^Leesburg scr^5

Aug 7^H^Alumni scr^1

Aug 10^H^Ripley scr^5

Aug 13^A^Goshen^7

Aug 24^A^Georgetown^5

Aug 26^A^Felicity^5

Aug 31^A^Clermont NE^5

Sept 2^A^Ripley^530

Sept 7^A^Bethel-Tate^5

Sept 9^A^Wash CH^5

Sept 13^H^Wilmington^5

Sept 14^A^Norwood^5

Sept 16^A^Williamsburg^5

Sept 21^H^Georgetown^7

Sept 23^H^Felicity^7

Sept 28^H^Clermont NE^7

Oct 4^A^Deer Park^7

Oct 7^H^Bethel-Tate^7

Oct 11^H^Fayetteville^7

Oct 14^H^Williamsburg^7


Aug 21^A^Leesburg^11a

Aug 24^A^Wilmington^7

Aug 31^H^New Richmond^7

Sept 2^H^Stivers^6

Sept 7^H^Goshen^7

Sept 8^A^Carroll^715

Sept 14^A^Batavia^7

Sept 21^A^Western Brown^7

Sept 23^A^Goshen^7

Sept 28^H^Wilmington^7

Oct 2^A^Lynchburg^2

Oct 5^A^New Richmond^7

Oct 11^H^Eastern Brown^5

Oct 12^H^Batavia^7

Oct 14^H^Western Brown^7

Oct 16^H^Cin Country Day^1


Aug 7^H^Alumni scr^5

Aug 9^H^Clermont NE scr^5

Aug 12^H^Miami Trace scr^5

Aug 21^H^Washington CH^11a

Aug 24^H^Clinton-Massie^7

Aug 26^H^Hillsboro^7

Aug 31^A^Western Brown^7

Sept 7^A^New Richmond^5

Sept 9^A^Stebbins^730

Sept 13^A^Blanchester^5

Sept 14^H^Goshen^7

Sept 16^H^Felicity^530

Sept 21^A^Batavia^7

Sept 25^A^Greenville^12

Sept 28^A^Clinton-Massie^7

Oct 5^H^Western Brown^7

Oct 7^H^New Richmond^7

Oct 12^A^Goshen^7

Oct 14^H^Batavia^7



Aug 10^H^Whiteoak^5

Aug 12^A^McClain^430

Aug 18^H^Fairfield^5

Aug 24^A^Georgetown^5

Aug 26^H^Felicity^5

Aug 31^A^Clermont NE^5

Sept 2^A^New Richmond^5

Sept 7^H^East Clinton^5

Sept 8^A^Fayetteville^5

Sept 9^A^Bethel-Tate^5

Sept 13^H^Wilmington^5

Sept 15^H^Clinton-Massie^5

Sept 16^A^Williamsburg^5

Sept 18^H^Hills,Eastern^10

Sept 21^H^Georgetown^5

Sept 22^A^Goshen^5

Sept 23^Felicity^A^5

Sept 28^H^Clermont NE^5

Sept 30^A^East Clinton^5

Oct 4^A^Lynchburg^5

Oct 5^A^Woodward^630 (var only)

Oct 7^H^Bethel-Tate^5

Oct 9^H^Cin Country Day^11

Oct 14^H^Williamsburg^5


Aug 7^H^Waynesville scr^TBD

Aug 9^A^Eaton scr^TBD

Aug 17^H^Leesburg scr^5

Aug 19^A^Day Christian scr^6

Aug 23^H^Hillsboro^5

Aug 24^H^Wilmington^5

Aug 26^H^Reading^5

Aug 30^A^Carroll^530

Aug 31^A^New Richmond^5

Sept 4^A^Eastern Brown^TBD

Sept 7^H^Monroe^5

Sept 9^A^Goshen^5

Sept 14^H^Batavia^5

Sept 15^A^Blanchester^5

Sept 18^A^Wash CH^10a

Sept 20^A^Williamsburg^5

Sept 21^H^Western Brown^5

Sept 28^A^Wilmington^5

Oct 2^A^Miami Trace^10a

Oct 5^H^New Richmond^5

Oct 7^H^Goshen^5

Oct 11^A^East Clinton^TBD

Oct 12^A^Batavia^5

Oct 13^H^Lynchburg^5

Oct 14^A^Western Brown^5

East Clinton

Aug 7^A^Wayne scr^10a

Aug 9^H^North Adams scr^5

Aug 11^A^Fairfield scr^530

Aug 17^H^Lynchburg scr^5

Aug 25^A^Washington CH^6

Aug 26^H^Clermont NE^5

Aug 31^H^Georgetown^5

Sept 4^A^Miami Trace^10a

Sept 7^A^Blanchester^5

Sept 9^A^Felicity^5

Sept 13^H^Williamsburg^5

Sept 15^A^Bethel-Tate^5

Sept 16^A^Goshen^5

Sept 20^A^Hillsboro^5

Sept 22^A^Georgetown^5

Sept 23^A^Clermont NE^5

Sept 27^H^Whiteoak^5

Sept 30^H^Blanchester^5

Oct 5^H^Felicity^5

Oct 7^A^Williamsburg^5

Oct 11^H^Clinton-Massie^5

Oct 12^H^Bethel-Tate^5


Aug 21^H^Washington CH^10a

Aug 24^A^Clinton-Massie^6

Aug 26^A^Hillsboro^6

Aug 30^H^Franklin^6

Aug 31^H^Western Brown^6

Sept 1^H^Lynchburg^6

Sept 8^A^Georgetown^6

Sept 9^H^New Richmond^6

Sept 13^A^Blanchester^6

Sept 15^A^Goshen^6

Sept 16^H^Felicity^6

Sept 18^A^Cedarville^12

Sept 21^H^Batavia^6

Sept 28^H^Clinton-Massie^6

Sept 29^H^Clermont NE^6

Oct 5^A^Western Brown^6

Oct 6^H^Northwest^6

Oct 7^A^New Richmond^6

Oct 12^H^Goshen^6

Oct 14^A^Batavia^6



Aug 7^A^Hillsboro scr^6

Aug 13^H^Greeneview scr^7

Aug 19^A^Paint Valley^7

(Note: Thursday kickoff)

Aug 27^A^North Union^7

Sept 3^H^Waynesville^7

Sept 10^H^Woodward^7

Sept 17^A^Goshen^7

Sept 24^H^Clermont NE^7


Oct 1^A^Williamsburg^7

Oct 8^H^Bethel-Tate^7

(Youth Football Night)

Oct 15^A^Fayetteville^7

Oct 22^H^East Clinton^7

(Senior Night)


Aug 12^H^Fairmont scr^7

Aug 20^No game scheduled at press time

Aug 27^A^Anderson^7

Sept 3^H^Fenwick^7

Sept 10^A^DeSales^7

Sept 17^A^Harrison^7

Sept 24^A^Goshen^7

Oct 1^H^Western Brown^7

Oct 8^A^Batavia^7

Oct 15^H^New Richmond^7

Oct 22^A^Wilmington^7

East Clinton

Aug 13^H^Southeastern scr^7

Aug 20^A^Dayton Christian^7

Aug 27^H^Cedarville^7

Sept 3^H^Hillsboro^7

Sept 10^A^McClain^7

Sept 17^H^Minford^7

Sept 24^A^Bethel-Tate^7

Oct 1^H^Fayetteville^7

(Homecoming Game)

Oct 8^H^Williamsburg^7

(Senior Night)

Oct 15^A^Clermont NE^7

Oct 22^A^Blanchester^7


Aug 7^A^Carroll scr^10a

Aug 13^H^Stebbins scr^7

Aug 20^H^Ross^7

Aug 27^A^Miami Trace^7

Sept 3^H^Mt Healthy^7

Sept 10^A^Cin Hills Christian^7

Sept 17^No game scheduled at press time

Sept 24^A^Batavia^7

Oct 1^H^Goshen^7

(Homecoming Game)

Oct 8^A^New Richmond^7

Oct 15^H^Western Brown^7

Oct 22^H^Clinton-Massie^7


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