Conversation Club: Fall treats to handbells


Conversation Club met in October at the Thorne Room in the Wilmington Friends Meeting House.

President Judy Sargent distributed the beautiful program booklets for 2021-2022. It features a beautiful yellow flower photo from the garden of member Mary Ellen Krisher. The 14 members present responded to roll call by saying what their Halloween plans are.

The club plans to make a donation to the Wilmington Library in memory of Mary Katheryn Hilberg. The book selected was a biography about journalist Cokie Roberts written by her son, Stephen Roberts, to be released in November.

Jennilou Grotevant was not only hostess, but program presenter for the afternoon. She provided to-go fall treat bags and drinks for members to enjoy during her program.

Jennilou has had a 45-year long love of playing handbells. The history of handbells has its origin in the use of bells cast for churches. In England, large bells in steeples are rung in patterns called peals. Handbells were cast to allow the ringers to practice without disturbing the community.

Sets of handbells began to be used to ring music. For some time, handbell ringing was seen as a novelty, and handbell ringing was included in some vaudeville and circus performances. Now, handbell ringing can be found in many churches. Five churches in Wilmington have sets of handbells.

Following the history of handbell ringing and a brief demonstration by the presenter, members were able to try ringing handbells to accompany the singing of several well-known hymns. They did a very good job.

Club members attempt to lay the handbells. members attempt to lay the handbells. Submitted photo

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