Garden club flies with Cardinals


WILMINGTON — For the past three years, the Wilmington Garden Club has decorated a Christmas Tree at Deer Creek Lodge; the theme being “birds”. This year, the club selected “Cardinals” with which to decorated.

Under the direction of Susan Hunt, 10 members met for three hours over a five-week period in the Wilmington Library Kirk Room to create 35 birds.

The process began with rolling newspapers into balls to assemble the shape of the bird’s head and body, followed by masking tape to secure the form. A water paste was applied, and in the case of cardinals, a topknot was added along with wings, tails, and beaks. The birds were painted to represent both males and females of the species.

The tree will be decorated on Nov. 8. Along with their “bird tree”, members will help decorate a tree in the main lobby of the lodge along with other OAGC area garden clubs.

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