Clinton County marriage licenses in October


WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in October:

• Gale Cody Lee Brown, 26, works with Amazon, and Olivia Veglia Lombardi Tucci, 23, works with Amazon, both of Sabina.

• Daniel Allen Crowe, 29, an operator, and Courtney Marie Martin, 29, retail management, both of Sabina.

• Jonathan Devlin Wooley Sr., 35, who works in landscaping, of Blanchester, and Candace Marie St. John, 35, a nurse, of Lynchburg.

• Matthew Louis Edwards, 25, a warehouse worker, of Wilmington, and Taylor Danielle Johnson, 22, a Human Resources benefits coordinator, of Hillsboro.

• Zachary Sean Davis, 26, a janitor, and Mikala Anne Runk, 21, a librarian, both of Wilmington.

• Aaron Marshall Johnston, 22, a pharm rep, and Madison Marie Hamm, 22, an outpatient therapist, both of Wilmington.

• Walker Ross Erwin, 23, self-employed, of Bowersville, and Allison Renae Weller, 25, self-employed, of Wilmington.

• Wyatt Aaron McCulloch, 23, who serves in the military, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and Tanner Elizabeth Stewart, 22, who serves in the military, of Wilmington.

• Tory William Jacobs, 30, tire discounter, and Renea Dawn Collett, 26, a customer service rep, both of Wilmington.

• Kyle Spencer Nordness, 31, a contractor, and Emmalee Kay Pellegrino, 30, who works in home sales, both of Wilmington.

• Dylon James Byrom, 26, self-employed, and Mariya Igorivna Posykalyuk, 28, who works with Hearthside Food Solutions, both of Midland.

• Ronald Dale Hollingsworth, 82, retired, of Deltona, Florida, and Janet Lee Hollingsworth, 82, retired, of Clarksville.

• Nathan Scott Henderson, 25, who works in sales, and Katelyn Elizabeth Hill, 21, a teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Gary Lee Stanforth Jr., 43, a factory worker, and Kaitlyn Aeriel Bailey, 33, a mental health therapist, both of Midland.

• Adam Jason Ross, 47, a warehouse worker, of Middletown, and Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, 41, a nurse, of Wilmington.

• Justin Lee Grubbs, 33, who works in sales, and Margaret Anne Iles, 29, a registered nurse, both of Midland.

• Kimber George Boggs, 72, retired, and Joyce Ann McCune, 72, a hairdresser, both of Wilmington.

• Bayley James Fridley, 22, who works at Best One, and Daizey Leigh Smith, 20, who works at Clinton Memorial Hospital, both of New Vienna.

• Ricardo Pablo Silva, 25, who works in construction, and Marie Ruthann Lawson, 26, a physical therapy assistant, both of Wilmington.

• Douglas Keenan Frauenknecht, 31, a warehouse associate, and Ashley Marie Sparks, 25, a senior collateral specialist, both of Wilmington.

• Benjamin Eugene Valentine, 44, a bank manager, and Jennifer DeAnn Hefner, 43, a secondary market analyst, both of Blanchester.

• Nickolaus Brett Hasz, 24, a warehouse worker, and Skye Marie Butler, 25, a delivery driver, both of Wilmington.

• Michael Jeremy Lumley, 23, heating and air tech, and Madeline Grace Ferguson, 23, a nurse, both of Blancheseter.

• Conard Kelly Ashmore, 28, a farmer, of Wilmington, and Kelsey Lauren Hawkins, 24, a farmer, of Morrow.

• Lonnie Daniel Roberts, 32, a machine operator, of Port William, and Erica Anne Burger, 40, a title specialist, of Wilmington.

• Ryan David Thompson, 29, a supervisor, and Jessica Rae Davidson, 29, an operator, both of Wilmington.

• Tyce Bradley Smith, 22, an office administrator, and Morgan Haley Keech, 22, a child care provider, both of New Vienna.

• Rodney William Davis, 46, unemployed, and Christina Lynn Collins, 46, a support agent, both of Sabina.

• Anthony Wayne Miracle Jr., 39, who works in construction, and Sarah Rae Smith, 22, a campaign manager, both of Blanchester.

• Marty Scott Dean, 59, a DOD employee, Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Stacia Christine Coyle, 60, unemployed, of Blanchester.

• William Brett Hopper, 26, who works in heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC), and Cheyanne Renee Gray, 23, a consumer consultant, both of Midland.

• Shaun Alan Creek, 43, who works in shipping, and Cheyenne Nicole Warnock, 43 , who works in guest services, both of Sabina.

• Robert Coye Webster, 20, a firefighter, of Goshen, and Grace Elizabeth Burke, 18, a nanny, of Blanchester.

• James Fredrick Yaegel, 46, an electrician, and Lisa Elaine Smith, 44, a homemaker, both of Blanchester.

• Andrew Michael Stine, 37, a firefighter and EMT, and Myra Elaine Cook, 39, a child care coordinator, both of Blanchester.

• Kyle Bryan Miller, 25, a financial underwriter, and Nikita Marie James, 26, an administrative specialist, both of Wilmington.

• James Knight Hacker, 27, an electrician, and Celeste Fern Harris, 26, a homemaker, both of Blanchester.

• Jacob Alex Steward, 27, a factory worker, and Elizabeth Ann Long, 24, who works in customer service, both of Blanchester.

• Charles Edward Nash Jr., 42, a water tech, and Samantha Marie Connolly, 32, a housewife, both of Oakland Park, Florida.

• Kellie Ann Sick, 29, a team leader, and Kristen Dawn Goss, 31, an A&P (Airframe & Power Plant) mechanic, both of New Vienna.

• William Dean Day III, 37, a manager, and Bethanie Jo-Ann Griffith, 28, registered nurse, both of Blanchester.

• Matthew Charles Griffin, 44, disabled, and Jacce Onamae Hughes, 44, a student, both of Wilmington.

• Jeremy Wayne Siler, 42, a machine operator, and Amber Dawn Ritter, 43, who works with FedEx, both of Blanchester.

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