Port Authority board authorizes infrastructure improvements, annual agreements


WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Port Authority Board approved renewing annual agreements with DigiCom and CBD Advisors, as well as renewed its agreement with Michael Baker International for three years, at its November meeting.

DigiCom provides services in support of the security cameras and access control system on the Wilmington Air Park. The agreement covers routine maintenance, replacement of failed components, software updates, technical support and more.

CBD Advisors provides strategic counsel, assistance and government relations services to the Port Authority. Engaged for several years, the firm has provided significant assistance, and support, in securing capital budget grant awards, as well as providing a wide range of technical and advisory services.

Michael Baker International has served as the Port Authority’s airport engineering firm for the past three years. The initial agreement had an optional three-year renewal and that was exercised by the Board.

Additionally, the board reviewed the 2021 finances through the third quarter and approved amendments to the 2021 Budget.

“Generally, these amendments bring the budget in line with actual expenses,” said Walt Rowsey, Clinton County Port Authority Board Chair. “As we near the close of the fiscal year, we are better able to determine what revenues and expenses are for the year.”

After reviewing the financial reports, the board authorized the option to redeem special revenue bonds issued when the Port Authority purchased additional property around the Wilmington Air Park at the time of the donation. This option will be explored by staff in the next few weeks.

New projects

Two new projects reviewed and approved by the board included the purchase and installation of an ALSF (Approach Lighting System with Sequenced Flashing Lights) and related equipment, as well as the engagement of a vendor to remove trees from an area of the Wilmington Air Park.

The ALSF system components will be customized to the system in place at the airport. “We have been experiencing a shorting problem with the current system configuration,” said Daniel Evers, Port Authority Executive Director. “This component being replaced in all 49 appliances in the system will address that issue.”

Addressing the tree removal, Kenny Chamblin, Manager of Air Park Properties and Facilities and Airport Wildlife Control Coordinator, said, “Removing the trees from the property helps the Wilmington Air Park to address a Wildlife Management Issue.”

“Removing them now allows for a proactive step,” added Evers. “Should this property be included in a development project in the future, this will eliminate one step in process.”

Staff reports followed up on discussions from last month on Workforce issues including graduation rates and gathering data on post-secondary choices made by local students.

“While information is readily available on how many students enter and complete a two- or four-year degree, it is less available on other options such as trade schools, and certificate programs, or for those who immediately enter the workforce,” said Ruth Brindle, Administrative Assistant for the Port Authority, and a member of the Clinton County Workforce Development Roundtable Steering Committee.

LGSTX latest

LGSTX Services staff were on hand and shared some updates on activity at the airport, and much of the activity focused on winter operations.

Staff has been working with the snow removal equipment and staging salt and other chemicals for melting snow. The PUCO was in for its annual inspection and found no issues with the reports and processes in place.

A recent wire-repair project went quickly and resulted in no operational down time.

Following the public meeting, the board went into executive session to discuss pending economic development opportunities. Chairman Walt Rowsey said the board did not expect to return from Executive Session with any additional public business.

The Clinton County Port Authority Board of Directors usually meets on the second Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Administration Building at the Wilmington Air Park. However, its December meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday, on Dec. 16.

About the Port Authority

The Clinton County Port Authority is a special purpose government formed to operate transportation infrastructure and lead economic development efforts.

Designated by the county, City of Wilmington, and the Wilmington CIC as the lead Economic Development agency for the county, it coordinates with the Dayton Development Coalition and JobsOhio to attract jobs to the area. It owns and operates the Wilmington Air Park, an integrated aviation and logistics business park located on 1,900 acres with nearly three million square feet of industrial, office, and hangar space.

It is the highest volume cargo airport in Ohio and ranked 27th in the U.S. and was named Best Airport in Ohio in 2020 and 2021.

Learn more at www.ChooseClintonCountyOH.org.


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