Wilmington City School choirs showcase talents & connections


WILMINGTON — The Wilmington High School and Middle School choirs made their community, schools and families proud as they recently entertained audiences at the Murphy Theatre at the choirs’ annual Holiday Concert as well as during the Murphy’s Christmas show.

“I couldn’t be a more proud choir director and member of our community for celebrating and realizing the importance of the arts,” said Wilmington Choirs Director Ryan Hutcherson. “Our students showcased excellence through their united passion for music — excellence not only as musicians and learners, but as people with skills of empathy, working as a team and recognizing no matter our backgrounds, we all have a voice that contributes to something greater.

“We are people who celebrate each other and who support each other,” Hutcherson added. “This stems from our community that helps raise these fine students, as well as provides a foundation to give us opportunities to flourish. I relish in the potential of our amazing Wilmington students, and hope to help us realize a better world because of them.”

Wilmington City Schools Superintendent Mindy McCarty-Stewart told the News Journal, “Thank you to the WMS and WHS Choirs, Director Mr. Hutcherson along with all the parents and staff who support our music program, for hosting a fantastic Holiday Concert. The event showcased the talent and strong connections our Wilmington students have to put on such a great show.

“It was truly an event that demonstrated the importance of our community and having a positive spirit,” she said.

From a student’s perspective, eighth-grader Iah Williams said after the Holiday Concert, “What I enjoyed most about performing with the WMS choir last night was really seeing all of the work that we’ve put in these past few weeks leading up to the concert and seeing all of the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders really join in as one, even though we don’t practice all together in one classroom while we learn our songs. Seeing the sixth-graders perform as well as they did at their first holiday concert was really amazing as well.

He added, “Also, getting the chance to perform at the Murphy was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad we got to have that opportunity for all of our choirs, not just the middle school choir but the high school chorale and Wilmingtones as well! I’m very thankful to get the chance to put on the show we did last night at such a beautiful place.”





The students perform at the Wilmington chorus’ annual Holiday Concert at the Murphy Theatre. Visit wnewsj.com for more photos.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/12/web1_composite-1-1.jpgThe students perform at the Wilmington chorus’ annual Holiday Concert at the Murphy Theatre. Visit wnewsj.com for more photos. Submitted photos

https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/12/web1_IMG_1582-1.jpgSubmitted photos
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