Clinton County man missing nearly 3 years declared deceased by court


WILMINGTON — A local man who went missing in Columbus nearly three years ago has been declared legally deceased by a Clinton County court.

According to Clinton County Probate Court documents, Tyler Davis was “presumed decedent” on December 15, 2021 by Judge Chad L. Carey.

The civil case declaring his death was filed in October.

Lauren Raizk, the attorney representing Tyler Davis wife, Brittany Davis, shared the current “statute for a presumption of death proceeding pursuant” with the News Journal. They indicate a missing person is declared legally deceased after missing for five years, or “when the person has disappeared and been continuously absent from the person’s place of last domicile without being heard from and was at the beginning of the person’s absence exposed to a specific peril of death, even though the absence has continued for less than a five-year period.”

Tyler Davis of Wilmington has been missing since he was last seen at the Hilton Easton Town Center in Columbus on Feb. 24, 2019.

Davis, age 29 at the time, and his wife, Brittany Davis, were in Columbus to celebrate her birthday. He went for a walk outside their hotel around 3 a.m. and he didn’t return.

Tyler’s family and friends disseminated flyers and sought information on social media and on Columbus area media outlets.

A website titled “Bring Tyler Davis Home” — — was created by volunteers and stated the below information (apparently written by his wife) in 2019:

​”Tyler Davis was last seen on February 24, 2019 around 3:20 a.m., in front of the Hilton Hotel in Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio. Tyler was wearing dark blue jeans, a white T-shirt, a blue/green flannel, white & black Nikes. Tyler is 170 lbs. & 5’10”. Tyler is 29 years old. He has short brown hair & brown eyes. Tyler has no medical conditions. Tyler was on foot. Tyler has a very distinctive red birthmark on his right arm — it continues up his neck, chest and right hand. Zero activity on all of our bank cards & credit cards.

“All of his social media accounts have had no activity. Tyler would not leave on his own accord. He is an amazing father to our young son. Tyler is a local business manager and a very responsible person. All cameras around Easton have been monitored with no trace of Tyler.

“I last spoke with him around 4:10 a.m. he said he could see our hotel and would be there in a few minutes. CPD has done multiple searches of the area and found zero evidence. CPD also pinged his phone in the area before the battery died. …”

This poster was circulated in early 2019. poster was circulated in early 2019. News Journal file photo

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