EC swimmers run in to tough foes a HiCo Y


HILLSBORO — The East Clinton High School swim team went up against Hillsboro and McClain Tuesday at the Highland County YMCA.

McClain showed up for the meet with every event filled and the potential of grabbing two out of the top four places in each event including relays. The Tigers are probably one of the toughest teams East Clinton will see throughout the season, EC coach Rich Garnai said.

The Astro swimmers focused on swimming well and making improvements in technique and times, Garnai said.

Elyon Hackmann and Shane Lynch led the EC boys. Molly Seabaugh and Samantha Tolle led the ECHS girls.


December 21, 2021

@Highland County YMCA, Hillsboro

Boys Results


McClain 134, Hillsboro 51, East Clinton 21


200 MEDLEY RELAY: Dakota Pierson (SO) BK, Shane Lynch (SR) BR, Tanner Fooce (SR) FL, Jacob George (FR) FR; 2:47.46 (4th place)

200 FREESTYLE: Lynch (SR) 2:41.67 (3rd)

50 FREESTYLE: Elyon Hackmann (FR) 31.16 (5th); George 34.25 (6th)

JV 50 FREESTYLE: Bo Frye (FR) 38.31 (3rd)

100 FREESTYLE: Frye 1:27.56 (4th); Pierson 1:34.60 (5th)

JV 100 FREESTYLE: George 1:26.66 (5th)

500 FREESTYLE: Lynch 7:49.10 (5th)

100 BACKSTROKE: Hackmann 1:21.81 (2nd); Pierson 2:01.51 (5th)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Hackmann, Pierson, Frye, Lynch; 5:29.17 (4th)

Girls Results


McClain 100, Hillsboro 48, East Clinton 17


200 FREESTYLE: Molly Seabaugh (SO) 3:07.02 (3rd), Jenna Stanley (SR) 3:33.30 (6th)

50 FREESTYLE: Savannah Tolle (JR) 36.37 (5th)

JV 50 FREESTYLE: Samarrah Leist (FR) 43.93(4th), Jade Campbell (SO) 52.61 (6th)

100 BUTTERFLY: Tolle 1:41.30 (2nd)

100 FREESTYLE: Emmy Chambliss (SO) 1:23.33 (5th), Melanie Harner (JR) 1:39.95 (6th)

500 FREESTYLE: Seabaugh 8:40.24 (3rd)

200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Seabaugh, Harner, Chambliss, Tolle; 2:34.80 (5th)

100 BACKSTROKE: Chambliss 1:45.57 (5th), Harner (JR) 1:52.42 (6th)

JV 100 BACKSTROKE: Campbell 2:14.28 (3rd)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Chambliss, Harner, Stanley, Seabaugh 6:06.66 (3rd)

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