This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Susan Peterie to Greg Hines, 7441 North U.S. Route 68 in Liberty Township, 26.3 acres, $675,000.

Jessie L. Trace to Edward A. Uecker, 5301 Clearview Avenue in Blanchester, $200,000.

Michael Keplinger and Kayla Duncan to Brianna Pollard, 388 Alumni Circle in Wilmington, $150,000.

Carl R. Burden to Brian A. and Holly Wehrley, 315 San Mar Gale Drive, one more San Mar Gale Drive property, and a Mays Drive property all in Sabina, $195,000.

Ashley Johnson ½ interest and Bradly A. Johnson ½ interest to Donald R. and Sharon M. Johnson, 272 Virginia Circle in Wilmington, $157,000.

Thelma P. Rhonemus to Melanie J. Bryant, 233 Curtis Drive in Wilmington, $110,000.

Jessica R. and Melissa J. Roberts, 167 South Sherman Street in Sabina, $126,000.

Gary E. Stover Jr. and Shelly Lynn to Jeremy and Andrea Kemp, 440 Hiatt Road in Vernon Township, 5.2 acres, $480,000.

Bruce and Linda Palmer to Kelcy L. Tucker, 71 Kentucky Avenue in Wilmington, $192,000.

Deborah M. Malone to Greg and Kathy Linkhart, 217 Rose Avenue in Sabina, $60,000.

Nancy J. Brueleux to Shane M. and Catherine Grace White, 386 West Sugartree Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $160,000.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Stephanie Mullins and Randall Colliver, 1106 Jefferson Drive in Wilmington, $177,000.

James Edward and Cecelia Ann Lucas to Nikolaus V. and Rebecca Otto, 2439 Clarksville Road in Vernon Township, 6 acres, $190,000.

Kelley J. Idler to Finn Bowling Investments LLC, 1662 State Route 72 and one more property on South State Route 72 both in Richland Township, 2 acres, $32,000.

Fulflo Specialties Company Inc. to Dachshund Investments LLC, 414 East Fancy Street in Blanchester, 3.8 acres, $115,000.

Amanda N. Rooks to Caron Louise Soltau, 162 Yankee Road and two more properties on Yankee Road all in Washington Township, 1.7 acres, $164,000.

Travis O’Connor and Kelly O’Connor and Dean O’Connor to Travis O’Connor and Andrea O’Connor, 1271 Dalton Road and one more Dalton Road property both in Washington Township, 6.3 acres, $25,000.

CD DG Sabina LLC to Lamron Development LLC, 61 Ely Street in Union Township, 81 West Washington Street in Sabina, and two Ely Street properties in Sabina, 2.4 acres, $15,000.

Chris M. Dice ½ interest and Amanda E. Dice ½ interest to Jennifer L. and Joseph L. Robinette, 8891 State Route 380 in Chester Township, 1 acre, $315,000.

Randall M. and Pamela K. Lamb to Devyn Duggins, 104 West Street in New Vienna, $36,000.

Pamela Sue Olds to J&K Bath Enterprises LLC, 1087 Wayne Road, and three other Wayne Road properties all in Wilmington, 0.1 acre, $79,500.

Richard F. Shultz to Gary L. and Rita J. Cramton, 41 Michigan Avenue in Wilmington, $100,000.

Sonya L. Goldie to Amy J. Bailey, 336 Charles Street in Wilmington, $135,000.

Travis Jones and Joshua Jones to Matthew K. and Brianna Robinson, 231 Starr Road and one more Starr Road property both in Vernon Township, 1.1 acres, $175,000.

James H. Walker and Arlyne O. Cornelius to Lisa A. Brown, 1105 Mayfair Drive in Wilmington, $183,000.

Bill D. Marine and Susan K. Kocher to Justin and Sheila Hayslip, 324 Linton Drive in Wilmington, $146,000.

Sharma Manju Bala to Walter J. Peelle, 155 Roshon Avenue and two more Roshon Avenue properties all in Sabina, $107,000.

Looney FRLT to James Alton and Elizabeth Reynolds Hadley, two State Route 73 properties both in Green Township, 17.8 acres, $115,791.

G&L Development LLC to Jeffrey S. and Nicole L. Downing, 808 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.6 acres, $90,000.

G&L Development LLC to Cheryl Hopkins, 889 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 4.1 acres, $97,850.

T&J Country Properties II LLC to Roger L. Jr. and Joette D. Daugherty, 497 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 4.5 acres, $82,500.

Nicholas Miller ½ interest and Diana Miller ½ interest to Spencer Wanlass and Shuo Gu, 191 Jordan Street in Richland Township, 1 acre, $10,000.

Miranda K. Barnes and Teresa K. Barnes to Ricky L. Fravel, 231 Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $140,000.

Mary H. McFarland to Zonnie Hoffer, 151 North Broadway Street in Midland, 0.6 acre, $31,000.

Daniel L. Anderson and Desiree Dietmeyer to Amanda J. Flaugher, 250 Grove Street and one more Grove Street property both in Wilmington, $125,000.

Two selling parties and one buyer for two properties as follows: (1st) Christian Slone 1/8 interest, Jordan Slone 1/8 interest, Ryan N. Slone 1/4 interest, John M. Slone 1/4 interest, and Jeffrey W. Slone 1/4 interest to Leslie A. Botts, a property on South College Street in Sabina; (2nd) Amanda J. Flaugher to Leslie A. Botts, 250 Grove Street in Wilmington. Total price $126,500.

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