HILLSBORO — The East Clinton High School swim team started its new year swimming against Unioto, Hillsboro and Chillicothe Tuesday at the Highland YMCA.

Chillicothe proved to be a strong team with depth. Many times throughout the evening Chillicothe earned two out of the top three places, EC coach Rich Garnai said.

The East Clinton swimmers continued to focus on improving their times and supporting each other in the relays, said Garnai. Shane Lynch, Elyon Hackmann and Bo Frye led the ECHS boys by scoring four points each in the individual races. Kenton Deaton, Savannah Tolle and Molly Seabaugh led the ECHS girls, putting five, four and four points respectively on the board in the individual races.


January 11, 2022

@Hillsboro YMCA

Boys Results

TEAM: Chillicothe 129, Hillsboro 39, East Clinton 31, Unioto 9

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Elyon Hackmann (FR), Teddy Murphy (JR), Shane Lynch (SR), Bo Frye (FR); 2:34.24 (3rd)

200 FREESTYLE: Lynch 2:43.35 (4rd); Murphy 3:54.41 (5th)

50 FREESTYLE: Hackmann 29.34 (6th); Jacob George (FR) 35.11 (7th)

100 BUTTERFLY: George 1:58.23 (3rd)

100 FREESTYLE: Frye 1:21.54 (4th); Dakota Pierson (SO) 1:40.50 (5th)

500 FREESTYLE: Lynch 7:43.33 (4th); Murphy 10:57.06 (6th)

200 FREESTYLE RELAY: George, Tanner Fooce (SR), Pierson, Hackmann 2:21.42 (4th)

100 BACKSTROKE: Hackmann 1:22.37 (3rd); Pierson 2:01.94 (5th)

100 BREASTSTROKE: Frye 1:53.61 (4th)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Lynch, Murphy, Pierson, Fooce 6:09.56 (4th)

Girls Results

TEAM: Chillicothe 123, Hillsboro 62, East Clinton 27, Unioto 3

200 FREESTYLE MEDLEY: Melanie Harner (JR), Kaylyn Deaton (SO), Savannah Tolle (JR), Brooklyn Hamilton (SO) 2:57.60 (5th)

200 FREESTYLE: Kenton Deaton (SR) 2:59.37 (2nd)

50 FREESTYLE: Tolle 35.60 (5th); Ka. Deaton 38.90 (6th); Carah Anteck (SR) 42.75 ; Hamilton 43.04 ; Jade Campbell (SO) 54.53 ; Samarah Leist (FR) 41.87

100 BUTTERFLY: Tolle 1:33.62 (3rd)

100 FREESTYLE: Ke. Deaton 1:25.81 (5th); Melanie Harner (JR) 1:37.63 (6th)

500 FREESTYLE: Molly Seabaugh (SO) 8:46.31 (2nd); Jenna Stanley (SR) 9:52.75 (4th)

200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Ke. Deaton, Ka. Deaton, Seabaugh, Tolle 2:30.62 (5th)

100 BACKSTROKE: Anteck 1:53.56 (5th); Harner 1:51.01 (4th); Campbell 2:11.04

100 BREASTSTROKE: Ka. Deaton 1:45.28 (5th); Hamilton 1:48.16 (7nd)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Ke. Deaton, Stanley, Harner, Seabaugh 6:03.59 (4th)