CIRCLEVILLE — East Clinton finished second out of six teams Wednesday in the final swim meet of the regular season at the Pickaway County YMCA.

Both Astro squads were second, the boys to Zane Trace and the girls to Logan Elm.

“The meet proved to be a night where supporting the team in finishing relays made a big difference in scores,” EC coach Rich Garnai said.

ECHS relay teams scored 28 of the total points for girls and 26 of the total points for boys.

Shane Lynch, Elyon Hackmann and Tanner Fooce led the boys by adding seven points each in the individual races with Hackmann earning a first place finish in the backstroke.

Savannah Tolle and Molly Seabaugh led the girls, putting nine and eight points respectively on the board in the individual races with Tolle earning a first place finish in butterfly.


February 2, 2022

@Pickaway Co. YMCA

Boys Results

Zane Trace 90 East Clinton 63 Logan Elm 53 Adena 24 Circleville 14 Westfall 0

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Elyon Hackmann (FR), Teddy Murphy (JR), Shane Lynch (SR), Bo Frye (FR) 2:36.0 (3rd)

200 FREESTYLE: Lynch 2:42.5 (5th); Murphy 4:09.3 (6th)

50 FREESTYLE: Hackmann 30.2 (7th); Jacob George (FR) 33.5 (9th)

100 BUTTERFLY: George 1:37.5 (2nd); Tanner Fooce (SR) 1:43.1 (3rd)

100 FREESTYLE: Frye 1:17.4 (6th); Dakota Pierson (SO) 1:30.1 (7th)

500 FREESTYLE: Lynch 7:52.5 (2nd); Murphy 11:18.4 (4th)

200 FREESTYLE RELAY:George, Fooce, Frye, Hackmann 2:13.7 (3rd)

100 BACKSTROKE: Hackmann 1:24.6 (1st); Pierson 2:03.0 (4th)

100 BREASTSTROKE: Fooce 1:51.0 (4th); Frye 1:53.5 (5th)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Lynch, Murphy, Pierson, George 6:06.5 (2nd)

Girls Results

Logan Elm 85, East Clinton 57 Circleville 37 Zane Trace 28 Adena 27 Westfall 7

200 FREESTYLE MEDLEY: Emmy Chambliss (SO), Brooklyn Hamilton (SO), Savannah Tolle (JR) Jade Campbell (SO) 3:07.3 (2nd)

200 FREESTYLE: Molly Seabaugh (SO) 3:10.9 (4th)

50 FREESTYLE: Tolle 37.2 (5th); Carah Anteck (SR) 1:38.4; Hamilton 41.1; Jade Campbell (SO) 55.7; Samarah Leist (FR) 40.8

100 BUTTERFLY: Tolle 1:34.8 (1st)

100 FREESTYLE: Chambliss 1:26.0

500 FREESTYLE: Seabaugh 8:43.2 (2nd)

200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Hamilton, Anteck, Seabaugh, Tolle 2:46.8 (3rd)

100 BACKSTROKE: Chambliss 1:40.9 (3rd); Anteck 1:55.9; Campbell 2:14.7

100 BREASTSTROKE: Hamilton 1:48.8 (2nd)

400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Chambliss, Anteck, Campbell, Seabaugh 6:55.2 (2nd)

Elyon Hackmann Hackmann

Savannah Tolle Tolle