Wilmington High School honors students of the month


Wilmington High School Students of the Month for February:

Choir Department — Aubre Weller

Aubre represents Wilmington Choirs with pride and professionalism while also being a beacon of positivity and optimism. She works hard as well as motivates her peers with her upbeat energy. She leads with a smile, and her peers gravitate towards that. Her spirit and strong work ethic helped lead her OMEA Ensemble to receiving a superior rating (the highest rating) at their contest at Blanchester High School.

Health/PE — Landon Scott

Landon Scott is the Health Student of the Month for February. He comes in every day with a curious attitude and the determination to do the work to the best of his ability, often working ahead and asking additional questions. In class discussions, he is a good sport and will speak up when others are uncertain. He leads by example when it comes to respect, industriousness, and proactiveness, and it is greatly appreciated.

Exceptional Student Education — Gracie “Taylor” Bowman

Gracie “Taylor” Bowman is our student of the month for February. She goes out of her way to help others before herself. She is always willing to support a peer in need. “Taylor” is often checking on her classmates and giving compliments to keep their spirits up. She sets a great example for her classmate on how to treat others. Thank you Taylor, we appreciate you!

English Department — Jeff Valentine

Jeff is a student that all of us call a leader. His writing in my English course is phenomenal with insightful ideas and great attention to detail. Along with this, his contributions to our discussions are a mixture of maturity and humor… a feat not always achieved in teenagers. He is also a member of my Leadership 101 course. Here, he is the epitome of a figurehead. He leads group work, helps keep people on task, and provides a clear model of the skills that we are learning in his behavior and focus. While Jeff isn’t a loud, boisterous member of my classroom, there is a constant undercurrent of his presence. People look up to him and respect him for the example he sets.

Business/Tech Department — Jayce Adkins

The business department would like to nominate Jayce Adkins as student of the month. Jayce is organized and knows how to prioritize his work. He has a good attitude and works hard. In class, Jayce is a problem solver and critical thinker. Keep up the good work Jayce. You are headed toward success!

Science Department — Haven Baca

I chose Haven because of her presence in the classroom. Haven is a quiet spoken individual but will shine bright when necessary. Her ability to complete academic work is far beyond her years. She excels at science and has shown she is worthy of student of the month with having straight A’s throughout the time I have had her. Haven is a model student and deserves to be praised.

Social Studies Department — Elijah Barlas

Elijah is a wonderful student and a positive example for his peers. He is very bright, friendly, and courteous. Not only does he set a positive example for others, but he is very quick to help a classmate who might need some assistance. Elijah does this wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, which makes classwork a more pleasant experience for everyone. HIs attendance is superb. I am fortunate and thankful to be Elijah’s teacher!

Art Department — Ella Neuenschwander

Ella puts her full effort into every single assignment and project that we have in art. Even after putting extensive time into her projects, she still conferences with the teacher to see if there is anything she can improve upon. Ella’s methodical dedication and quiet enthusiasm shows in her artwork and the art department could not ask for a more perfect example of what an art student should be.

Theater Department — Hillary LeForge

Hillary is always engaged in our class discussions. She comes to class prepared, answers questions and works hard on her assignments. Her work is well thought out and completed with the finest details. On stage Hillary is performing in her first high school musical production. As a Newsie Hillary is putting in great effort to learn all the songs and dances in the show.











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