City council: Vote no on pay raise


In 2003 I was approached to run for city council. I had no desire to be on council, but after thinking it over and believing I would be giving something back to Wilmington, I thought why not try. I had no idea what council pay was or even thought about it. It had nothing to do with being paid. I wanted to help my city.

I started ordering yard signs and buying newspaper ads and going door to door. I had to win the Republican primary to get on the ballot that fall for the general election. I asked Democrat homeowners to let me put a sign in their yard. It was about doing the right thing to help all people. I was surprised when some said put it up. I barely won the primary, but I was elected to council starting in 2004.

Now present council members want to make it about making a large paycheck to be worth their time — a very small amount of time, I may add. There’s not one person on council worth $700 a month for a few hours of time spent in meetings. The ones that want a year of PERS retirement for every year on council should get a real job and not make citizens pay. I believe we already pay too much for lots of things.

I never asked anybody that called me with a problem if they were a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about doing what’s right. Council should do what’s right and vote no on this huge pay raise.

Donald Wells


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