I am writing to say that I am endorsing Mike Gibbons for the United States Senate in the upcoming primary. Mike wants to be a solution to the economic troubles we are facing today, and with his background in business, he is a serious candidate when it comes to fixing the economy and addressing inflation.

Mike is not your typical politician. He grew up in a working class family so he understands what people are facing today as everyday staples go up in price. He has run a very successful company, which he started at age 37, and has a proven track record of creating jobs. He will bring a much-needed business mind to Washington that will help families overcome this inflation burden that we currently all face.

Mike and his wife raised a family of five children in the Cleveland area. He has been very active in his community and wants to give back. Mike is pro-life and stands behind the Second Amendment. He wants strong borders and he wants to get our national debt under control. He also wants small businesses to succeed and not succumb to more and more regulations.

Mike Gibbons is somebody in the Republican lineup that I trust and will put my support behind in the primary on May 3. Please join me in supporting Mike and his America First principles and help send him to the United State Senate.

Jonathan McKay