This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Stella B. Boring, Trustee to Audrey Young, 479 Brooke Boulevard in Wilmington, $192,900.

Brittany N. Wood to Shaunda M. Cress, 539 Prairie Avenue in Wilmington, $235,000.

Felicia Freese to Andrew Neal Fisher, 2723 Gano Road in Liberty Township, 3.1 acres, $190,000.

Susan L. Kempner FT to Ryan Anteck, 56 Elm Street in Sabina, 0.2 acre, $139,000.

Elm Companies LLC to Chandler J. Ellis, 146 Linden Avenue and one other Linden Avenue property both in Wilmington, $129,900.

Sewell FLT to Wilmington Storage LLC, 164 Mulberry Street, 167 South South Street, and one other South Street property all in Wilmington, total 0.6 acre, $775,000.

Joseph Coyle to Mark Riley, 825 Cherry Street in Blanchester, 0.4 acre, $150,000.

Kari Simpson-Hike to Amanda Hornsby, 47 Jonesboro Road in Jefferson Township, $11,000.

Shawn E. Arrington to Helen Proctor and Ronald Fulkerson, 88 Midway Drive in Wilmington, $174,500.

Jacqueline Timko to Jamaal Nathaniel Curtis and Tiffany Leigh Curtis, 94 Blackthorne Court in Union Township, $277,500.

Lamron LLC to Eric C. and Renee D. Montgomery, 108 Circle Drive in New Vienna, $160,000.

Patricia E. Jeffries to Randal and Pamela Lamb, 67 Main Street and one other Main Street property both in Martinsville, $50,000.

G & L Development LLC to Debra Fontaine, 471 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 2.5 acres, $81,350.

Jo Ann Dawson to Devon Davis, 605 Grand Avenue in Sabina, $87,500.

Michael E. and Tonya C. Dorsey to Peggy S. Smith Allen, 4703 US 22 / SR 3 and one other US 22 / SR 3 property both in Adams Township, total 1 acre, $195,000.

Jacqueline and Eddie D. Burchett to Anthony and Kristy Jones, State Route 251 in Jefferson Township, 27 acres, $190,000.

LSD Properties LLC to Onofre Barradas-Medina, 411 Dudley Street in Blanchester, $45,000.

Becky S. and Alexis S. Newman to Joseph A. and Monica Ward, 337 Grand Avenue in Sabina, $133,900.

T & J Country Properties II LLC to Ronnie and Amy King, 355 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 3.6 acres, $95,000.

Wayne A. Ellis to Terry Lee Stone, 5853 Center Road and one other Center Road property both in Chester Township, $135,000.

Adam K. Malone to Billy Scott Williamson, 30 Fairland Avenue in Wilmington, $149,000.

G & L Development LLC to Mark A. and Sidney J. Sodini, 882 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.7 acres, $95,000.

Melanie J. Bryant to Ginger Cichy, 233 Curtis Drive in Wilmington, $199,000.

Mathew A. Goldman ½ interest and Christina D. Riddell ½ interest to Monica Sambolin Torres and Xaviel O. Sambolin Torres, 506 South Mill Street in Blanchester, $210,000.

Marcus and Desiree Roose to Henry D. McFarland Jr. and Lisa M. Bushbaum, 577 Hiatt Avenue in Wilmington, $250,000.

Betty Pacholka to Alexis A. Newman and Becky S. Newman, 567 State Route 72 and two other SR 72 properties in Richland Township, $175,000.

Chad A. and Shyanne Pitzer to Thomas and Ashlie M. Hood, 25 Thornburg Road in Green Township, 11.2 acres, $428,000.

Jacqueline Deaton to Matthew R. and Jessica J. Belisle, 1077 Beechgrove Road in Adams Township, 1.7 acres, $290,000.

Edward L. Everhart to Jeffrey A. Garringer, 73 North Street in Sabina, $46,000.

Joseph E. West ½ interest and Carol West ½ interest to Daniel W. Lawrence Trust, 355 North Walnut Street in Wilmington, $95,000.

Jennifer H. Breedlove to Adam and Kristin Garner, 311 Leyland Park Drive in Wilmington, $199,000.

Brian D. Cole FT to Aric J. and Jennifer E. Dimeff, Caesars Creek Road in Chester Township, 8.4 acres, $50,000.

G & L Development LLC to Jeffrey and Kevi Copsey, 691 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.9 acres, $99,900.

Mark A. and Brooke C. Flint to Laicee Malaya Ray Daniels and Austin William Daniels, 61 Main Street in Martinsville, $160,000.

George Michael and Carol Lea Vandeventer to James C. and Geneva L. Daulton, 103 Falcon Hill Way in Chester Township, $75,000.

Steven H. and Patricia E. Hipsher to Matthew P. Bradley, 108 Fulton Street in Wilmington, $180,000.

Paul J. and Sarah K. Beebe to Ally Nicole Carmack, 177 North Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $148,000.

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