16 candidates apply for Wilmington City Schools superintendent position


WILMINGTON — The Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) on Friday delivered 16 superintendent applicant packets to Wilmington City Schools (WCS) central office, following a Wednesday application deadline for the top post in the WCS school system.

The interested applicants in alphabetical order, plus their current positions are:

• Buckeye United Superintendent James Brady in Columbus

• Fairborn City Schools Director of Educational Services Amy Gayheart

• Educational Consultant Shelley Hilderbrand

• Carlisle Local Schools High School Principal Andrew Huber

• La Salle High School CEO/Principal Aaron Marshall

• Dayton Public Assistant Principal Eric Marthaler

• Butler Technology & Career Development Principal and Satellite Supervisor Chad Packer

• Greene County Career Center Assistant Superintendent Virginia Potter

• Retired Superintendent Ralph Shell (last position Clermont Northeastern Local)

• Admin Solutions Incorporated Director of Education Derrick Shelton

• Cincinnati Public Director of School Leadership-Principal/Supervisor Jason Spencer

• Tipp City Exempted Village Superintendent Mark Stefanik

• Swiss Hills Career Center Director Matthew Unger

• Eastern Local School District Director of Special Education (State and Federal Programs) Dawn Wallace

• Bucyrus City Schools Elementary Principal T. Michael Wallace

• Hillsboro City Schools Primary Principal Jacob Zink

On Monday, the WCS Board of Education will hold a special meeting and enter an executive session “to discuss the employment of a public employee or official” — the superintendent candidates — according to the district.

The purpose of the special meeting is to go over the list of applicants and decide who to bring in for interviews, a district spokesperson said. According to an anticipated timeline, interviews may start as early as Wednesday, June 15.

The Wilmington-based SOESC is assisting WCS in its superintendent search.

The Wilmington City Schools website’s employment page has a link captioned “Successful Candidates Attributes”.

The document connected with the link identifies five things the ideal candidate would have:

One, “Serve as the Chief Executive Officer, keeping the board fully informed and current with matters regarding the school district.”

Two, “Maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, ethics, and personal conduct.”

Three, “Instill trust within the Board of Education, staff, students, and parents of the district and the Wilmington community.”

Four, “Exhibit excellent speaking and listening skills, an openness to ideas, strong interpersonal skills, and a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders.”

Five, “Develop consensus with the ability to gather support for levies and funding for the district.”

The same “Superintendent Search” document identifies seven qualifications:

One, “Prior superintendent experience is preferred but not required.”

Two, “Possess a strong background in school finance and curriculum, with the ability to work with the district treasurer and administrators.”

Three, “Be a positive role model who has a collaborative and participatory management style.”

Four, “Exhibit skills to be the education leader who can effectively develop, supervise and support the district staff.”

Five, “Committed to promoting and improving high academic student performance and achievement.”

Six, “Experience with Ohio School Facilities Commission is highly desirable.”

Seven, “Have the ability to manage and lead short- and long-range planning for the district.”

According to the announced timeline, the school board hopes to name the new superintendent by June 29.

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