Ohio Living Cape May: Celebrate 100 years with us!


This year as we celebrate Ohio Living’s centennial anniversary, we focus on intentionally cherishing the legacy that has carried us for the past 100 years.

The legacy of Ohio Living is founded in enduring faith, compassion and community.

In the early 1920s, an elderly church member in Troy, Ohio grew ill and found herself with limited funds. Her Bible class had formed a close-knit community, and the members were filled with compassion. They petitioned the Presbytery to establish a home for the aged so that others like their friend could have a safe and loving place to live.

When Rev. W. Blake Love heard about the project, he recognized how important it was to meet this need. He spoke regularly to his congregation in Sidney, Ohio about putting their faith into action for the cause.

Rev. Love’s daughter Dorothy was fatally struck by a car in 1921, and his congregation was moved with grief. The Russell family, who had planned to sell land to fund the girl’s education, instead donated it to the Synod in her honor. The land was designated for the cause Rev. Love had championed, and Dorothy Love Retirement Community was founded in 1922.

One hundred years later, our organization has changed and grown, but the foundation remains the same.

You can feel the sense of community when you walk through our doors; witness people putting their faith into action both in our chapels and their everyday lives; and see our staff’s compassion as they serve residents and patients with diligence and heartfelt care. We cherish this legacy, and will continue to find new ways to demonstrate it in the century ahead.

We keep the things we cherish close to our hearts. Beloved friends; family members; precious memories in the places that have shaped our lives.

Each of these – whether they are people or places or memories – takes on special meaning when we hold them close to our hearts and cherish them.

We cherish the people – the employees, residents, patients, family members, donors, board members and volunteers – who have stood beside us both in moments of celebration and in seasons laden with challenges.

We cherish the places throughout Ohio where people have received care when they needed it most, where they have revisited old hobbies and discovered new passions, and where they have found a sense of belonging and home.

We cherish the memories formed, the milestones celebrated, and the moments we’ve been privileged to share. These are all part of the Ohio Living legacy. We hold each of them close to our hearts and cherish them in the tradition of faith, compassion and community that has guided us through these first 100 years, and will for years to come.

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