WILMINGTON — A number of students have been named to the Dean’s List at Wilmington College for the spring 2022 semester.

To be considered for this honor, students must be enrolled full time and have completed the term with a minimum 3.5 grade point average.

Local students include:

WILMINGTON – Madison J. Harcourt, Sofija Nikolovska, Madeline M. Altherr (4.0 GPA), Shayna B. Acuff (4.0), John C. Barton, Sabrina N. Bowman, Shadrach J. Brausch (4.0), Lu Ming M. Davis, Pedro D. Escobedo, Katlyn M Fyffe, Hannah E. Gaines (4.0), Jose A. Gonzalez (4.0), Brittany A. Gregory (4.0), Parker C. Gunkel (4.0), Tiara Harris (4.0), Simon T. Heys, Alyssa E. Hickey, Lucas J. Hughes, Jasmine K. Jamiel, Emily A. Kelly (4.0), Mason Klamroth (4.0), Caden N. McKay, Kelsey L. Merriman, Shannon E. O’Boyle (4.0), Andrea D. O’Brien, Hanna M. Satterfield (4.0), lana J. Smith (4.0), Matthew S. Smith, Jordan F. Snarr (4.0), Alixandra N. South, Alyssa R. Storer (4.0), Collin J. Webber (4.0), Mitchell Troy Deaton.

BLANCHESTER – Alexus J. Andrew, Bethany R. Fessler, Logan M. Florea, Jullian M Lewis, Luci O. Payne, Allison K. Puckett (4.0), William J. Rannells (4.0), Lydia C. Shelton (4.0), Eliana C. Tacoronte, Clayton R. Boyd (4.0).

CLARKSVILLE – Hannah E. Armstrong, Luke D. Chappie, Johanna L. Davidson, Kimber L. Geissinger, Allison J. Houseman (4.0), Destiny D. Martin, Emily R. Rager, Hope A. Smith, Weston M. Trampler, Kristen R. Whitaker.

SABINA – Gracie Boggs, Mackenzie M. Campbell, Chloe R. Mason (4.0), Carson L. Smith.

NEW VIENNA – Kaitlin R. Armstrong (4.0), Aidan L. Henson (4.0).

MARTINSVILLE – Jenna M. Victor.


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