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Code enforcement at Rotary


Annen Vance, head of the Code Enforcement Department for the City of Wilmington, spoke to the Wilmington Rotary Club which meets on Tuesday at noon at the CMH meeting room.

Vance said the Code Enforcement Department “strives to fairly and efficiently enforce and uphold the codes and ordinances while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of our residents, businesses, owners, and visitors.”

Examples of property and code violations include: Litter and trash; junk vehicles or RV storage; abandoned shopping carts; exterior structure maintenance — roofing, windows, siding, and general property disrepair; damaged, dangerous, or uneven sidewalks; vacant unsecured property; tall grass (exceeding 10 inches April 15-October 31); overgrown trees and shrubs (growing over sidewalks or roads); outdoor storage of items; trash and recycling containers; and unsafe properties — infestations or unsanitary interior issues.

Clean-up volunteers

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Volunteer groups as well and service groups can get their outreach and volunteer hours in all while helping our community shine.


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