WILMINGTON — The house at 46 E. Truesdell St. — where a search warrant was served Wednesday — “has been deemed a hazard to health and safety” and “until further notice has been condemned and is unfit for habitation” states a report from the City of Wilmington Code Enforcement Department.

A resident of the home, John Potter, 66, was arrested and charged with pandering obscenity involving a minor, with more charges expected, according to Wilmington police.

After the house had been cleared by police on Wednesday, due to the condition of the house and its contents the house was inspected by the city and a City of Wilmington Code Enforcement Inspection Report was filed, which included:

• First floor: “Observed matted filthy carpet at front door entrance,” the report states. “There was a strong smell of urine, feces, and sewage. Observed a sitting/living room to the right of the entrance and the presence of two small kittens. There is a hole in the ceiling over the tv in this area. There is a full litter box as you move toward the kitchen, a pile of wet clothes with flies/roaches at the kitchen entrance. In the kitchen area there is an accumulation of dirty dishes and other items on the counter, there is a full trash can, and there is a full fly strip over the sink. There is running water.There is peeling ceiling present in kitchen. The back bedroom off of the kitchen has an active leak in the ceiling. This area is approximately 5 feet in diameter, there is mold present and rotten wood. This leak is dripping directly on to a plastic sheet covering half a mattress.”

• Second floor: “Carpet on the stairs is matted and there are dog feces present. The first landing has a hole in the roof, there is rotten wood present here along with peeling paint. The upstairs hallway also has matted carpet with dog feces. Roaches are present on piles of clothes. The first bedroom to the left of the hallway has food debris, accumulated items. The second bedroom to the right has a mattress on the floor and other accumulated items. There is feces present in this room. The bathroom is located between these two rooms. The bathtub and toilet are caked in residue.”

• Basement: “Stairway to the basement is partially caved in and leaning. There is a strong smell of mold, mildew, and sewage. There is raw sewage present in this area. There are piles of clothes and bedding that have absorbed the sewage and water. Two visible windows are broken, one has cardboard coving it, the other has a piece of wood and a blanket. There is a hose on the floor that is running out of this window.”

• Exterior/porch: There are structural issues with the front porch and steps. There are rotten eves and roofing. The rear porch has a hole in the decking and is structurally unsound.”

The house is owned by Bill Marine Realty Inc., according to the city’s report and the Clinton County Auditor’s site.

The report notes that, “The owner and tenants were sent a letter on 6/21/2022 regarding the accumulated items that were discarded in the rear yard and grass overgrowth and structural issues with porch.”

The report states that three cats (an adult female and two small kittens) were removed from the house and transported to a volunteer with the Clinton County Humane Society to be placed in a foster home. One dog was removed by Dog Warden Rex Doak.






These are just a few of the city’s photos showing conditions at the house at 46 E. Truesdell St.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/07/web1_ceiling.jpgThese are just a few of the city’s photos showing conditions at the house at 46 E. Truesdell St. City of Wilmington Code Enforcement

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