This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Kersey FRLT to Bill D. Marine and Susan K. Kocher, 245 Michigan Avenue, 556 North Mulberry Street, 191 North South Street, and an A Street property all in Wilmington, total of 0.4 acre, $200,000.

MRC Activities LTD to Quantimatrix LLC, 622 South Walnut Street, 544 South Walnut Street, and three other South Walnut Street properties all in Wilmington, total of 2.7 acres, $255,000.

Barry Caudill to Kisha M. Swaney, 751 Polk Road in Richland Township, 0.7 acre, $105,000.

John Mahlon Stoltzfus and Jeanette D. Stoltzfus to Kenneth Taylor and Judy Taylor, 1746 Dailey Road and one other Dailey Road property both in Green Township, $320,500.

Drew A. Johnson to Kevin D. and Shauna J. Crowe, 1573 Rapid Ford Road in Clark Township, 5 acres, $105,000.

Kevin D. Crowe to Anna K. Slifka, 566 Gumley Road in Washington Township, 2 acres, $249,000.

4A Contracting Inc. to Eric Day, 365 Randolph Street in Wilmington, $135,000.

Melissa Ford and Jeffery Neil Cochran to Todd Wedding Jr. and Gillian Morgan, 460 Wall Street in Wilmington, $129,900.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Holly Beth Carpenter, 705 Mead Street in Wilmington, $145,000.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Leslie Allen Hudson II, 5883 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $142,000.

Matt Matthews and Heather Schumacher to Joel Leitner, 7629 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $150,000.

Jerian Powers to Repa Painting and Remodeling LLC, 206 Bourbon Street and one other Bourbon Street property in Blanchester, $47,500.

Michael R. Phillips to Anthony and Linda Wallace, three Pansy Road properties, 1.4 acres, $79,500.

ASP Ventures LLC to James C. Moore Jr. and Mary Virginia Moore LT, 59 Gano Road in Liberty Township, 3.6 acres, $950,000.

John R. Moore III to Donna J. McKinney, 5389 Maple Grove Avenue in Blanchester, $150,000.

Shirley Ward Property Management Trust to Kent Davis Jr., 42 George Street and one other George Street property both in Sabina, $127,500.

Casey P. Skinner to Donald J. and Linda M. Sicurella, 423 East State Route 350 in Washington Township, 1.1 acres, $177,900.

Roger D. and Bethanie D. Davis to Paula Kay Baker, 1899 State Route 133 in Marion Township, 1.5 acres, $278,500.

Renaissance Men Properties LLC to Christopher N. and Amanda Robinson, 674 Kay Drive in Wilmington, $165,000.

Steven D. Rose to Sandra K. Lamb, 1339 Hales Branch Road in Jefferson Township, 10.6 acres, $1110,000.

Michael A. and Jodi L. Fahrubel to Another Source of Income LLC, 1220 Southridge Avenue and one other Southridge Avenue property both in Wilmington, $125,000.

Leon Purtee to Lisa Bentley, 265 Larrick Road, 257 Larrick Road, and 251 Larrick Road all in Wayne Township, total of 0.7 acre, $8,000.

Stotts FRLT to Douglas C. and Joyce D. Ward, 18 Sagebrush Trail in Wilmington, $181,500.

Michael W. Bartram to RSJ Real Estate LLC, 781 Ogden Road in Adams Township, 0.3 acre, $10,000.

Donald D. Carnahan to Randall L. Fair, 122 Hulse Street in Sabina, 0.2 acre, $5,000.

Stahl Farmland Inc. to Rebecca Bennett, 5219 Jonesboro Road and one other Jonesboro Road property both in Clark Township, total of 7.4 acres, $135,000.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Myron Keith Elliott, 5883 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $142,000.

Barbara A. Flora to PC Homes LLC, 700 West Main Street in Blanchester, 3.1 acres, $200,000.

Joyce L. Murphy to Kenton K. and Lynn D. Leach, 1885 North State Route 134 in Union Township, 0.8 acre, $195,000.

Trenton Thompson to Alexis Haines and Austin Thompson, a Cambo Place property in Wilmington, $164,500.

Erik Leigh Parker and Glenda Faye to Wilmington Assembly of God, 581 West Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.6 acre, $225,000.

Norma J. Sherod RLT to Darius A. and Rebekah R. Kenyon, 1090 McDermott Avenue and one other McDermott Avenue property both in Wilmington, $215,000.

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