Donald Trump took secret and even top-secret documents to his White House residence (is that even legal?) and then on to Mar-a-Lago. He says he declassified them (there’s no evidence) which makes no difference; they were still not his to take. The documents were supposed to be sent to the National Archives.

Fifteen boxes were retrieved and then the government found out there were more. The FBI tried to negotiate for the return of the rest of the documents. I don’t know why, since they were not his to take in the first place.

What did he plan to do with them, hold them hostage, sell them to the highest bidder, give them to Putin? I know he didn’t plan to read them since he doesn’t like to read.

Why is it that the first response of Trump followers is to threaten physical violence? They are now attacking the FBI for doing their job. The judge that granted the search warrant has been threatened and there was an attack on the FBI that ended five miles from here. There is even a politician running for office that said Merrick Garland should be killed.

Donald Trump is not God, even though he thinks he is. I think he has ambitions to be America’s first dictator.

Sherrill Graham