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Clinton County real estate purchases


This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Michael D. Bankes to Express Housing Solutions LLC, 57 South Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $80,000.

Lisa Noble to Ricky A. Bowman, 427 Bourbon Street in Blanchester, 0.8 acre, $90,000.

Betty J. and Donald Dean Carnahan to Donald Dean Carnahan ½ interest and Michael R. and Sherry A. Bigelow ½ interest, 432 North Howard Street in Sabina, $3,500.

Donald Dean Carnahan ½ interest and Michael R. and Sherry A. Bigelow ½ interest to Michael R. Bigelow and Sherry A. Bigelow, 432 North Howard Street in Sabina, $3,500.

Matthew R. Rodgers to Stephanie Burkitt, 139 Fairland Avenue in Wilmington, $134,500.

H. Dean Carnahan to Michael R. Bigelow and Sherry A. Bigelow, 25 Orchard Avenue, 35 Orchard Avenue, 55 Orchard Avenue, 65 Orchard Avenue, 75 Orchard Avenue, and 85 Orchard Avenue all in Sabina, $17,100.

Donald D. Carnahan to Michael R. Bigelow and Sherry A. Bigelow, 45 Orchard Avenue in Sabina, $3,000.

Jennifer L. Kreitz to Frank Carpenter, 8225 State Route 380 in Chester Township, 3 acres, $100,000.

Magic Tunnel Midwest LLC to Boing U.S. Holdco Inc., 1733 Rombach Avenue in Wilmington, 1.2 acres, $4,710,000.

Rebecca Bennett to David Senter, 5219 Jonesboro Road and one other Jonesboro Road property both in Clark Township, total of 7.4 acres, $215,000.

Alex F. Soto to Mick Tanner Jordan and Jenna Alee Ault, 269 East Washington Street in Sabina, 0.2 acre, $132,000.

Rick Brannon Sr. to Michael T. and Debbie E. Livingston, 609 North State Route 72 and one other North State Route 72 property in Richland Township, total of 2.4 acres, $25,000.

Carl R. Anders RT to Sabina Truck Repair Ltd., 432 South Jackson Street and two Greenfield Sabina Road properties all in Sabina, total of 1.3 acres, $154,000.

Robert E. and Gail F. Smith to Thomas E. and Jennifer J. McMinn, 194 Wesley Way in Union Township, $475,000.

Kelly L. Wright to Yervand Tigranyan, 1232 Farmers Road in Washington Township, 5 acres, $145,000.

Nathaniel C. and Shannon J. Adkins to Michael B. Collie, 305 East Main Street in Blanchester, 0.2 acre, $213,000.

Sharon Rolston to Aaron T. Goldner Jr. and Tomi Goldner, 889 West Main Street in Wilmington, $130,500.

HRES Investments LLC and Freedom Flag Properties LLC to HRES Investments LLC, 588 John Chambers Drive in Wilmington, $85,000.

Roger Scott Lambson and Naviya Lambson to Robert E. Williams and Lois R. Williams, 339 Bernard Road in New Vienna, 0.3 acre, $157,000.

Dale Cochran to Anthony and Jessica Buchanan, a U.S. 68 property in Jefferson Township, 11.3 acres, $11,200.

Joshua D. Fisher to Chris L. Fender, 124 Dorothy Lane in New Vienna, $125,000.

Robert O. and Laurie A. Stroebel to Jeffrey and Terri Lynn Borders, 1352 Hiney Road in Liberty Township, 9.6 acres, $450,000.

Todd and Beth Wilcher to Franklin and Kimberly Williams JLT, an Irvin Road property in Marion Township, 5.1 acres, $27,500.

Anthony W. Whitworth, Donald L. Whitworth, and Joshua S. Whitworth to Thomas Lee Williams Jr., 6029 Sean Circle in Blanchester, $214,000.

Tabatha N. Kennedy to SWOH Investments LLC, 397 Thorne Avenue and one other Thorne Avenue property both in Wilmington, $75,000.

Brittany D. and Andrew R. Robinson to Brandon and Karie Lacy, 8722 State Route 730 in Vernon Township, 2.5 acres, $381,000.

Thomas R. South LT to Sage Real Estate Properties LLC, 58 Stockton Avenue in Sabina, $43,000.

Betty Jean Carnahan to Danielle E. Glass, 54 West Elm Street in Sabina, 0.2 acre, $67,500.

Elizabeth A. Copple LT to Christopher Bradley Strunk, 3743 West State Route 73 in Union Township, 6 acres, $350,000.

Clinton M. Townsend to Aaron Beers, 7937 State Route 28 in Clark Township, 9.4 acres, $245,000.

Rodney L. Stewart and Melinda A. McCarty-Stewart to Catherine Pintuck, 1312 Ridge Road in Wilmington, $230,000.

Rick A. Brannon Sr. to Wilmington Investment Group LLC, 305 Westfield Drive in Wilmington, $15,000.

Vicki Campell to Double A. Development LLC, 2635 Wayne Road and two State Route 73 properties all in Union Township, total of 0.1 acre, $165,000.

PJO Properties to Trevor A. Kackley, 119 Harmony Lane in Sabina, $179,500.

H. Mae Hansford to Martin D. and Rebecca Edison, a State Route 73 property in Chester Township, 32.5 acres, $250,000.

Pamela S. Lieurance and Keith Inwood to Lyndell and Rae Suggs, 993 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, $165,000.

NT Contracting LLC to David C. and Linda E. Nanstad, 478 Truesdell Street and a Bernice Street property both in Wilmington, total of 5.4 acres, $525,000.

Barlow Enterprises to Randal and Kathy Helterbrand, 243 South Walnut Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $160,000.

Sidney M. and Charlene Murphy to Cody A. and Sarah F. Gorski, 318 North Spring Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $145,000.

Lisa Harrison to Angela Fleak, 311 South Walnut Street in Wilmington, $85,000.


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