WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Institute for Lifelong Learning (WILL) is offering a slate of 14 seminars available beginning in mid-September.

The popular Wilmington College program endeavors to offer authentic educational opportunities for the 40-plus crowd who possess a will to continue learning. Anita Stanley is coordinating the program.

“Our objective is to lead all who wish to join us to new ideas, possibly to new experiences and to continue to gain pleasure in the pursuit of continued, shared learning,” she said.

This spring’s six-week seminars include Chair Yoga, Cherokee Language 101, Christmas Stocking, English Gardens, Equine 101, European Cultures, Furniture Restoration, Genealogy, Stained Glass, Tai Chi, Talking to Your Doctor, Weightlifting & Strength Training for Seniors, Wet Felting and Writing/Journalism

The cost is $30 for each class with limited scholarships available. The registration deadline is by the beginning of the class, which varies. Class size is limited and some courses will require supplemental costs to cover materials.

Course descriptions, class meeting dates/times and registration information are available on WILL’s web page on Wilmington College’s site: www.wilmington.edu/will/.

Also, course booklets are being mailed this week to previous WILL students while prospective students can obtain one by contacting Stanley at 937-481-2328 or via email at [email protected].


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