Regarding the recent “On the road to a dictatorship” letter: Russian collusion has already been proven totally an invention of the Clinton campaign and it’s discredited tripe. The FBI knew it was a lie when they advanced it, so insipid Putin comment is just that. Apply that to Hillary who gave the green light to sell Putin uranium, the basic building block of a nuclear weapon.

Speaking of people like Hillary Clinton, “Selling to the highest bidder”, you are confusing Donald Trump with the Biden family whose foreign dealings are very likely treasonous and the “big guy” always gets his 10 percent cut.

Anyone who has worked for the U.S. Government knows the National Archives are not secure, so if these documents are really that hot and top secret, they bloody well would not go to the National Archives.

This FBI raid is all about affecting the midterm elections. Dictatorship — let’s talk about that subject indeed, so who gave us Big Sis, Biden’s disinformation governance board to censor and silence us? Biden and the Democrats.

Who just used the FBI as a political weapon against his political rival like a South American dictator?

Then Biden lied about not knowing the raid would happen. Emails between the White House and National Archives show the White House was well-informed on this issue.

What administration has been trying to take guns away from the citizens without cause or due process? Biden.

Who just passed a huge spending bill to hire 87,000 new armed IRS agents to separate Americans from their property? Biden and the Democrats.

Who just went around Congress and heaped more debt on the American people, by taking debt from the people who took out student loans and put that debt on the backs of citizens who had nothing to do with that debt? Biden

Who is sicking the FBI on parents for questioning what is happening to our kids in the schools? Biden’s attorney general.

I can go on about government abuses. When will Hillary Clinton, who abused classified documents, be raided? Or how about Hunter Biden, whose videos of debauchery, illegal drug use/gun possession are all over the internet, when will his raid come? He with his father have clearly committed high crimes.

Big Brother is alive and well in our country today. Talk about dictatorships, we are darn near living in one now.

Tim Inwood