This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Jonathan Kurt Cooper and Jessica Gayle to Anthony B. and Nancy J. Whiting, 470 King Road in Clark Township, 2.2 acres, $245,000.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Mopar Management LLC, 588 and 594 Cross Creek Drive in Wilmington, $13,500.

Harold W. and Vicki J. Ertel to Lauren McKenzie Lechuga Ramirez and Marco Antonio Lechuga Ramirez, 6730 and 6758 South State Route 729 in Wayne Township, 3 acres, $267,000.

Lauren Lechuga Ramirez and Marco Lechuga Ramirez to Tyce B. and Morgan Smith, 6075 South State Route 72 in Wayne Township, 1.3 acres, $145,000.

Scherz FRT to Marc A. and Sidney J. Sodini, 238 Webb Road and one other Webb Road property both in Adams Township, 4 acres total, $710,000.

Tong Family Joint RTA to Alex Winnefeld, 318 A Street and one other A Street property both in Wilmington, $50,000.

Monica Mintkenbaugh to Jacob and Halie Marie Cluff, 129 High Street and two other High Street properties all in Midland, $87,500.

Debmar Hills LLC to Jenny M. Camron RLT, 67 Huffman Avenue in New Vienna, 0.2 acre, $32,500.

James L. Anders Sr. to Ronald K. and Crystal G. Gilliam, 400 Rose Avenue in Sabina, 0.2 acre, $8,000.

Brian and Margaret Parsons to Lynne Louise and Jeffrey Michael Logel, 973 Timber Glen Drive in Wilmington, $365,000.

Tracey Jo Perry to Travis Rose, 144 Morgan Street in Sabina, $130,000.

James Miller, Laura Miller, and Ian Miller to Cierra M. and Taylor D. Reece, 215 Lazenby Street in Blanchester, $229,900.

Joshua David Straight to Sharon L. Lawarre, 7297 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $209,900.

Diane E. Hubbell to JAW Acquisitions LLC, 491 North Spring Street in Wilmington, $37,000.

Daniel L. and Rebecca L. Davison to Sarang Property LLC, 145 Clarksville Road in Adams Township, 0.9 acre, $130,000.

Clinton County Land Re-utilization Corporation (the local land bank) to the Champion Bridge Company, 241 Langdon Avenue in Wilmington, 0.1 acre, $4,500.

John D. and Sydney L. Wallis to Nicholas and Morgan Miller, 2707 Clarksville Road in Vernon Township, 4.7 acres, $364,000.

James S. Smith to Amy Young, 112 South College Street in Sabina, $39,000.

Jeffrey M. Myers to Johnny High Street LLC, 359 Alumni Circle in Wilmington, $130,000.

Mary C. Hurless to Crystal Duncan and Kenneth Duncan, 75 Church Street in Richland Township, 0.4 acre, $25,000.

Jeffrey M. Manley to Marcia L. Brooks, 2720 Stingley Road in Liberty Township, 3.2 acres, $115,000.

Robert J. Uhl RLT ½ interest and Kimberly S. Uhl RLT ½ interest to 22 Property LLC, a U.S. 22 / S.R. 3 property, 440 East Washington Street, two other East Washington Street properties, and five Central Avenue properties all in Sabina, 2.2 acres total, $755,000.

William Dean Hopper and Jennifer Holden to Pedro Sosa Sebastian II and Megan Nicole Sebastian, 1921 Shawnee Trace Road in Marion Township, 2.1 acres, $200,000.

Michael A. Barker to Brian J. Parsons, 1404 Levo Road in Green Township, 2 acres, $195,000.

Bill D. Marine and Susan K. Kocher to Shannon Sue Pryor and Justin McKenzie, 804 West Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $153,000.

Dustin and Candice Henderson to Kay Betty-Mae Abbott, 525 Mill Street in Blanchester, $255,600.

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