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Republicans must take back America


I can’t listed to President Biden anymore. One thing, he has a temper. And things that come out of his mouth are all false. He blames everything on Trump. TV doesn’t tell about the raid on his home and how they went into his wife’s bedroom, and went through her drawers and her closet. That made me sick.

Democrats started all this. His whole family is cracked, it’s all about taking our money and using it like candy bars. Come on, $30 trillion, they need to be stopped.

Come on Republicans and vote in November against all their wickedness. If we don’t stop them, we’ll have no freedom of speech. The worst thing he did as president is stop the building of the wall, and immigrants coming into America. Now they’re coming from everywhere, millions of them. Busloads will be taking over Washington, Chicago and New York City, and secretly opened up prisons and gave killers and robbers their freedom. They want to take over our complete freedom.

Biden has completely ruined America. No one made him God. He’s working under the devil. Why do the Democrats get away with about everything? Vote. Fight back now before we lose everything. God bless America!

Jacqueline White