GOSHEN — East Clinton recorded eight personal best runs Monday at the Goshen Invitational cross country meet.

Molly Seabaugh was was fifth in the girls race in 21:38.35 and Kaylyn Deaton was 17th in a personal best of 23:45.44.

The EC boys team was ninth, led by Dylan Arnold who was 29th in a 19:34.38 (PR). Jacob George was 54th in 21:05.66, Dru Simmons 58th in 21:22.9 (PR), Hayden Beiting was 74th in 22:13.55, Nick Gates 76th in 22:28.1, Colton Brockman 80th in 22:39.62 (PR), Jackson Seabaugh 81st in 22:39.95 (PR), Elyon Hackmann 92nd in 22:44.9 (PR) and Clive Johnson 118th in 29:20.66 (PR).

The East Clinton Middle School boys team was led by Landen Kaun, 34th in 13:50.99. Liam Glass was 102nd in 17:41.38 (PR), Ben Gates 171st in 17:51.74, Eoin Hackmann 242nd in 20:25.72 and Wade Smith 314th in 21:58.82.

“Eight PRs and a handlful that were close to a PR, we are doing something right,” East Clinton coach Dru Simmons said. “We are on pace for peek season.”